I’ve mentioned Rock to Fakies here before… and it’s been a while since I’ve tried them again. Yesterday Mike and I went over to the skate park at Silksworth and they have a really nice small bowl section. I decided I’d try the rock to fakie again – this time concentrating on lifting the front wheels well clear of the coping on the way back down.

I was pleased that it didn’t take that long to get a couple to stick – and once I got the feeling for lifting the wheels back over the coping, it felt really good. A little bit later and I’d tried it on the next size up of bowl, and then the next size up again. Sick!

I’ve been back again today and worked on getting more comfortable with this trick. I haven’t yet tried it on any big walls yet – but when I’ve got some footage of my trying it on varying bowls, I’ll put something up.

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