Mike, James and I were at the R-Kade Skatepark in Redcar, last Saturday morning. We did the 2-hour slot from 10 ’till 12, taking some footage over the last 45 minutes or so. This was pretty much James’ first time in a skatepark – and I was well impressed when he dropped in on a mini ramp for the first time, no problems!

Despite it being fairly quiet there was a good vibe in the park. Everyone friendly, no cliques etc. To be honest, at this stage I kinda like it being a little quiet: more room to practice, more room to get things wrong 🙂

Anyway, I’ve put together a short sequence from what we took. I had fun putting this together; tried a few new things. The music is by Jack Johnson from his album In Between Dreams. It is without doubt one of my favourite albums. You should own it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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