The Orange AIM Series will be at Xscape Castleford tonight. I believe that anyone can enter, and the event this evening is going to be a jam session format, which should make for real good watching (and taking part).

There’s a group of us travelling down to Birmingham tonight for the LG Action Sports Tour event – and Castleford is just about on the way. I really want to stop off and watch some of the AIM Series jam session, but the time is kinda tight. Well, that’s what the rest of the group keeps telling me… we’re camping this weekend so they want to make sure we get there in time to set up the tents.

I don’t understand it!? Their priorities seem all wrong! What’s wrong with turning up at that camp sight at 1am in the morning? 🙂

Anyway, check out SCUK if you want more information – and there’s a picture of the park layout for tonight’s rail jam session.

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