I’m probably gonna spend a fair amount of time trying to improve my halfpipe riding while in Deux Alpes. In the meantime I’ve been using some of my video to review my progress to date: Tignes earlier this year and Zermatt last summer. Although I did my first few halfpipe runs in Diablerets, the summer park in Zermatt was my first real stab at the pipe, followed by a good few days in Tignes after that.

Being right at the bottom of the learning curve I’ve made some decent progress – and I can’t wait to get some more practice in soon. I’ve decided to show some of that progress here and, if possible, I’ll get some new video when in Deux Alpes.

So, starting at the beginning, here’s one of my runs from Zermatt last summer. It’s the only one I’ve got but it does give an indication of where I was at… (If you don’t have sound, I’m the last guy to drop in and I slam half way down)

Also, while we were in Zermatt Freddie Kalbermatten and Nicolas Muller showed up with a bunch of other pros. I wasn’t interested in standing around taking photos and stuff, and besides, they weren’t doing much riding anyway (I don’t think they were two impressed with the halfpipe) – but I did catch one dude while I was putting my camera away… silky smooth and showing how it’s done – I’ve tagged it on the end 🙂

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