Not too long I decided that the first “learning to” project I was going to attempt was learning to boardslide. Well, it’s been a while since I last practiced on a rail, so last night I gave it another go. I think I spent around an hour, and video’d some of my progress towards the end.

It’s going quite well, but at the moment the run-in to the rail is kinda getting in my way [need a picture here]. I’m trying to take more speed to the rail to stop me sticking or coming up short, and also so that I can hit the rail sooner and slide for further… the problem is that right where I want to set up there’s a bump in the ground. It feels a bit lame and I’m sure that to someone more proficient would simply ignore the bump – but right now it’s getting in my way.

Sooner or later I’ll get past this, and I’m also gonna try upgrading to a slightly ‘harder’ rail. More to come…

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