Mike and I were skating on Monday night at the Five Bridges skatepark in Gateshead (review of park coming soon). The weather was really good, which I think sent all the skaters to the Exhibition Park over in Newcastle… the net result being that we had the place to ourselves! Sweet.

Anyway, I took some footage because (a) Mike was so close to pulling this nice move, and (b) I wanted to try some rolling shots. The video is below… in it you’ll see a hint of what’s to come in the Learning to Boardslide feature.

Also note that I’ve added some music from Snow Patrol’s new album, “Eyes Open”. I thought their first album, “Final Straw”, was excellent – and they backed it up when I saw them perform live. The new one is no different. It’s the type of music that that gets me in the mood for skating/riding – see what you think.

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