Well today was pretty much a perfect day. We totally beat the queues and ended up being the first riders through the park. Clear blue sky and blazing sunshine. Not only that, but the thunder storm from last night that brought torrential rain in the town – brought fresh snow up on the glacier!

So we got loads of riding in today and I made some really good progress:

  • Nailed my first 360 from a kicker that actually warrents a 360 (enough time to float it round)
  • Made 2 good runs in the pipe (before they closed half of it off)
  • Hit a big’ish up-flat-down box for the first time, making a 50-50 to boardslide
  • Straight-air indy’d the two biggest kickers I’ve ever hit
  • Got a few nice little grabs on the new shifty I’ve learnt

So I was really happy… Then just before the riding was out, I found that someone had stolen my camera equipment!

That sucks big time.

It totally goes against the vibe of the park. Everyone is there to have fun. People leave gear around in trust, because others are doing the same. It’s friendly and relaxed. So which mofo felt they needed to steel my video camera?


But, at the end of the day, these things happen. I’m certainly not the first person to have a camera pinched. I suppose that’s why we need to get holiday insurance – and with a bit of luck, I’ll get some compensation. Whether or not it is near to the actual value of the camera is another thing… The worst thing though is that I lost the tape that was in the camera – I can’t get that footage back.

So my best day of riding ended on a bad note. Poo. There is tomorrow though, and hopefully I’ll progress some more – there’s still so much that this park has to offer. On a plus point, the local police station was really helpful 🙂

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