The first video that I put up on afterbang was a short clip of a gap I jumped in Tignes earlier this year. Not the “road gap” you might have been hoping for; rather a path gap, spanning the entrance to my friends’ apartment block 🙂

Anyway, the first version had no music, which is something that I’ve been wanting to add. So, I’ve added a track by Franz Ferdinand – “Jacqueline”. Franz Ferdinand are a group that I didn’t get into straight away, but now I find myself going back to the album Franz Ferdinand – usually when I’m riding home from work.

Also, I think the sequence photos that I put up of that frontside 180 were quite popular – so I’ve added some more here. Enjoy.

Shot from above, getting it right with a grab.

My first attempt at the gap, a little off balance.

Getting it wrong a few times.

Grant’s first go 🙂 He made it the second time though.

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