Win A Season In Avoriaz!

Cabnine competition
If you’re thinking about doing a season this winter – this competition has got be worth considering. I heard about it on the GoneBoarding forum, so if you’re a regular there you may have already seen it.

Competition deadline – 10th November 2006.

If you win you get to snowboard for 4 months in Avoriaz – all subsidised:

  • A full range of either men’s or women’s CABNINE™ clothing.
  • Return easyJet Flights to Geneva Airport
  • Accommodation and food from the 2nd January 2007 to the end of the season – provided by rudechalets™
  • An AVORIAZ ski pass.
  • A brand new RIDE Snowboard and bindings.
  • GRAVIS trainers and rucksack.
  • A Zimstern jacket and pants.
  • A NEFF beanie

That’s pretty amazing!

Note though that the competition winner doesn’t get a “free ride” – they’ve got to be motivated and dedicated to improving their snowboarding. There are ‘”basic requirements”:

  • You must be willing to push yourself to get better at snowboarding.
  • You will have to record a video diary.
  • You will have to update an online blog.
  • You must always wear a crash helmet.
  • You must be relatively tidy and respect your room mates.
  • You will need to provide your own winter insurance which we will need to see proof of purchase of.

If you’re the right type of person it truly is an excellent opportunity.

All of the details are on the site. The closing date for entry is the 10th November, 2 days away. So if you’re interested go an fill in the Entry Form!

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