Why Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

Each to their own. There’s no right or wrong. I get that. This is my opinion. It used to be the case that snowboarders on the mountain were the minority. That’s not the case anymore. I don’t have the stats, but I think it’s fair to say that both disciplines are big. And these days skiers and snowboarders alike ride the same terrain: piste, parks, pipe, powder, street rails…

…and I find myself asking the question: why do people bother skiing, when snowboarding is simply better?

Freestyle and powder

Let me qualify that statement above. I know that both skiing and snowboarding are fun. I’m not taking that away from either, nor am I trying to invalidate skiing as being fun, exciting, challenging, etc.

What I am talking about is freestyle and powder.

To be honest, it’s freestyle that I’m really getting at here, but even with powder I think snowboarding is the better choice. I mean, snowboards were invented to ride powder, to float in the fresh stuff, to give that surf-like feeling… Let me demonstrate both points, freestyle and powder, with the following video:

You can’t get that flex and pop on skis

Snowboarders take a lot of their tricks from skateboarding. The design of a snowboard, combined with your body position when riding one, allows you to ollie. You can load up the nose or tail and pop out of it. This flex mechanism is at the core of so many snowboarding tricks. It’s what makes the freestyle opportunities almost endless.

You just can’t get that on skis.

Rails, grabs and switch…

Think about 50-50’ing a rail, nose-pressing a box, tail-slides, change-ups… Skis on rails and boxes don’t make sense to me.

And then there are butters, nollies, boned out grabs. Tweak it. You might convince me that one or two ski-grabs look ok, but come on, compare that with a slow backside 180 tail grab, or a boned out stale-fish shifty.

And there’s switch, too. In my mind, riding switch on a snowboard opens up tricks. It adds to the freedom of snowboarding. When you land switch, you’re still snowboarding, just in the other direction. It’s the same principal. That’s why I ride with +15 / -15 binding angles. I like the symmetry of switch.

With skiing, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve seen really talented people skiing backwards towards huge jumps, looking awkwardly over their shoulder, then they pull an insane trick. It’s really impressive-

-But skis weren’t designed to be ridden that way. I know you can get twin-tipped skis and all that, but it seems like a fudge to me. A hack. It’s difficult for sure, but your body is working in the opposite way, like driving a car in reverse.

Snowboarding is better suited to freestyle (and powder)

If you like freestyle and jibbing, I can’t see any reason to choose skiing over snowboarding. The snowboard is simply a better tool for the job. I understand that if you can already ski, you might feel inclined to stick with it, to not throw away your investment, to learn freestyle on skis. And that’s fair enough. But let’s be honest, snowboarding is better suited to this stuff.

I’m not saying freestyle skiers don’t have fun, don’t do gnarly and technical stuff. They do. I just think snowboarding is better in this arena. It looks smoother, there are more options, it’s more styled. Just look at the video above. It’s better.

When it comes to fun, there’s no right or wrong

I don’t want to tell anyone how to have fun. Nobody can do that. I said at the start that this is my opinion – please feel free to contribute your own with a comment…


  • Reply July 1, 2010

    David Z

    If any skiers get a hold of this, prepare to be taken to task for your comments about riding “switch”…

    Earlier today on Facebook for a similar comment, basically that “You’re not skiing switch, you’re skiing backwards!” Skiers did not like that.

  • Reply July 1, 2010


    Hey David, it’s interesting that some skiers are so attached to the notion of riding switch rather than “backwards”!

    I don’t know whether you know – but the concept of “afterbang” is quite big in the freestyle-skiing community. I was following a trail of back-and-forth on pierre wikberg’s blog a while ago; there was a dispute over what it means and essentially, whether or not it’s “cool”. I’m not really fussed about all that stuff, but I did find it funny.

    As it happens I discovered the blatant faux pas I made naming this site – but that’s another story, probably for the About page…

  • Reply July 1, 2010

    David Z

    yeah, the “afterbang” has basically opposite connotation in the freeski community. I just googled around and found a post on Pierre’s blog about the “Afterbang” skis made by Line; probably the one you’re talking about. Good stuff!

  • Reply July 1, 2010


    I couldnt agree more with this post. On the other hand as a tool for ” getting about the mountain ” ski’s are much faster and efficient, I mean, if your into racing there’s no way a snowboard could compete in a downhill race? Each to their own.

    I dont get how a skiier can be upset at you calling skiing backwards, skiing backwards, its a fact 🙂

    Its also funny how alot of skier’s think snowboarders are the bane of the mountain when every decent new trend in skiing is a rip, off snowboarding.

  • Reply September 9, 2010


    I think its simply hard for skiers to accept the snowboarding is great…but who cares…just let it snow right now so we can go ride!

  • Reply September 9, 2010


    I tweeted this, but it’s worth adding here – you gotta check out this video that David posted 🙂

    The Truth About Powder Skis

  • Reply September 13, 2010


    Let’s put it this way – skis were there first and then things evolved and the snowboard was created. Trying to ride ski instead of snowboard is like trying to be a monkey when you can be an actual human 😀

  • Reply November 12, 2010


    Hey no.ski.crew,

    you said it, not me. But yeah, snowboarding is the right choice 😉

  • Reply January 9, 2011


    You got no idea about what your talking about.
    Skiing vs. snowboarding is not about whats right, but what you personally like, snowboarding nor skiing are wrong, its your thoughts of skiing that are wrong.

    ask yourself why more and more snowboarders switches to skis.

  • Reply January 9, 2011


    Hey Victor,

    thanks for your comment, but I do know what I’m talking about, because I was talking about my own opinion – as I stated quite a few times. But just to make it clear, here are a few excerpts from the post:

    “Each to their own. There’s no right or wrong. I get that. This is my opinion.” [that was the opening line btw].

    “I know that both skiing and snowboarding are fun. I’m not taking that away from either, nor am I trying to invalidate skiing as being fun, exciting, challenging, etc.”

    “I don’t want to tell anyone how to have fun. Nobody can do that. I said at the start that this is my opinion – please feel free to contribute your own with a comment…”

    1. OK – so I think it’s fair to say that I was talking about what I personally like.

    2. My thoughts about skiing are wrong.
    Well, there’s a good chance that they are, seems as though I don’t ski (well, haven’t since I was 12) and I do snowboard.

    Going back to the ‘my opinion’ thing – to me, snowboards are better suited to tricks, especially rails, presses, boxes and ollie’ing. When it comes to kickers, the halfpipe etc, yeah, skis are great for that, they go huge, it’s all rad stuff.

    As for switch, again, I think snowboards are more suited to the concept of switch… with skis, to me, it seems more like “going backwards”.

    3. Why more and more snowboarders are switching to skiing…
    I hadn’t realised that this was the case. I don’t know any snowboarders who have switched, but then again, it’s not like I know thousands of snowboarders. Those who are switching, are probably not telling me about it.

    I don’t know the numbers, but if there was a strong trend, you’re right, I would be wondering WHY snowboarders are opting for skis…


  • Reply February 18, 2011


    Everyone here sucks at snowboarding I can tell.

  • Reply February 18, 2011


    Wow! I don’t even know where to start. First of all, let me start by expressing my opinion which is that you are a moron. So lets start from the top…
    1. “You can load up the nose or tail and pop out of it.” umm, thats the same on skis. We just do it on two skis instead of one board.
    2. You said, “Think about 50-50’ing a rail, nose-pressing a box, tail-slides, change-ups… Skis on rails and boxes don’t make sense to me.” I would suggest you youtube Tom Wallisch, enough said.
    3. “When you land switch, you’re still snowboarding, just in the other direction. It’s the same principal. That’s why I ride with +15 / -15 binding angles. I like the symmetry of switch.” This just in!!! When you land switch on skis, you are still skiing as well so thanks for stateing the obvious and pretending its a valid point.
    4. ” but it seems like a fudge to me.” really? tomorrow im going to wake up, decide gravity is “fudge” and just start floating around. I love how instead of taking the time to think of an actuall point, you just compare skiing to baked goods.
    Let me explain something about switch. This is when your tail(s) lead as you travel down the mountain. To say that skiing switch doesn’t make sense means that you have no idea how snowboarding switch works either. Which is impressive in a way because this is a very easy concept. At first it shocked me how truely stupid you sound, but then i remebered your a snowboarder and it made more sense.

  • Reply February 18, 2011


    I find your comments that snowboards are better suited for rails and tricks is incorrect.

    Over the years freeskiing has surpassed snowboarding in the trick department, it’s simple physics here, 2 planks have more technical possibilities then 1 plank. Also 4 edges have more grab space then just 2. The possibilities then in theory are twice as much. Skiing also has the swing weight argument, it is easier to spin on skis, it’s simple physics.

    To your rail point, you are showing many presses and “50/50” grinds. Skiing isn’t just about that now a days, if you look around hard enough skiers are doing crazy things on skis that are impossible for snowboarders to do and many of the tricks snowboarding had souly are not really just a snowboarding thing anymore. Skiers like Andy Parry are making great advancements in skiing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX65h0iRLsk
    Garret Russell has done alot of snowboard like tricks for a while now as well.

    Overall nothing is better then the other its a personal preference but if you look at the possibilities skiing has more then snowboarding.

  • Reply February 18, 2011


    You obviously dont know a thing about skiing.. on rails and boxes what can you do on a snowboard? spin, tailpress, nosepress, change up. On skis you can spin, switchup, nosepress, tailpress, hippie killer, pretzle, 270 out 450 out ect. watch a travling circus video. Also riding switch on skis is not “akward” or uncomfortable its just looking over your shoulder and doing a trick starting backwards. Also have you ever seen how many skiing grabs there are? and each one of the, look sick! not just one or too and they are also much more technical than snowboard grabs.

  • Reply February 18, 2011


    Nobody can ever tell me snowboards are superior to skis on rails or boxes. Nobody. Equal to skiing, perhaps, but not superior. What snowboarder do you know that can do a 4 pretzel 6? How many boarders can flip out of boxes? And watch these and tell me skiers don’t have creativity and ‘skateboard moves’, like ollies and presses, on lock.
    As for style, it’s without a doubt personal preference. To me, though, nothing looks better than a cork 5 blunt on skis.

  • Reply February 18, 2011


    hmmm… skis were originally made to ski powder too, skiing allows you to move across flat ground a lot better, skiing has more grabs, skis can totally do butters, presses, and tweaked grabs, and a pair of fat skis is wider than a snowboard, therefore providing more flotation. and skiing has way more style.


  • Reply February 18, 2011

    random skier

    snowboarding is much more limited in terms of grabs and grinds

  • Reply February 19, 2011



    how can you even begin to say one is better than the other?

  • Reply February 19, 2011


    Thank you for finally posting an intelligent article about your opinion. I am a skier. I ski park and pow and i would agree that boards can get more pop flat ground
    (although skiers really arnt to bad either), are much easier on rails ( 2 edges vs 4) and is a very cool pastime.

    I could respect boarding alot more if the average snowboarder didnt proceed to cut me off and make a total ass of himself falling while i do a solid pretzel 270 off. This is the only thing that makes me have any dislike for boarders at all, they think they are the shit ad that stupid gaper skier needs to get out of the park.

    Skis can also do alot more grabs (2 boards vs 1) and are able to spin faster (legs closer together = fast spinning). It is also alot easier to land on skis, because with a board the side to side balance is alot more sketchy than on skis, and you overall have a larger more stable platform landing.

    Also skiing vs boarding pow really cant be compared it is a totally different motion and is great in totally different ways. You are right a snowboard is like surfing powder, but skis are like skiing powder, and who can say what is better ski form or “surf” form?

    And to Arran the last part of that is possibly the dumbest comment i have ever heard. Skiing predates snowboarding by over a hundred years and skiing doesnt “rip” on boarding. We start awesome stuff, boarders try to mimic, you guys start awesome stuff, we see that its awesome and do the same.

    I hope that this comment seemed as intelligent as the above article, just showing the skier side of the story.

  • Reply February 19, 2011

    casey willman

    and I thought kids on NS were idiots. but man, you’ve gone full retard

  • Reply February 19, 2011


    I’m sure powder is great on a snowboard until you get stuck in a tree well. JK

    You can ollie on skis.
    you can press on skis (although not nearly as much as you can on a snowboard.)
    You can also 5050 rails on skis
    As for riding switch vs backwards who cares what it is called it is just a name.
    Skiing backwards opens up just as many tricks as snowboarding switch does.
    Afterbang in my opinion (and I hope to god the rest of the skiing community) is a joke and started off as one. It was also created by snowboarders

  • Reply February 19, 2011


    I don’t see why there is any argument here. A skier who disagrees will plainly make his argument. The only way to make a valid point is if you actually did research on the subject. Years of background in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding lead to several small topics.

    Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding both root from other sports. The original point about snowboards being a better tool for jibbing comes from the fact that it derived from skateboarding. While on a skateboard/snowboard there are multiple different angles at riding a rail, for each a different name. For skiing, there is spinning, riding the rail itself, and spinning off, of course the spinning in different directions and plainly keeping your balance on two skis without falling is quite impressive. Although the snowboarders do have a point, there is much more variation on a snowboard.

    That is also where the term ‘ollie’ comes from. A person on skis cannot ‘ollie’. The term ‘ollie’ means to use an explosion of pressure to elevate a single item of the ground, this referring to a skateboard. Skiers can hop, they can even bend their skis and hop, but it does not have the same effect an ollie does on a skate/snowboard. Think about tying your skis together, and then trying to jump on to an urban element. When doing so on skis, one foot usually comes of the ground before the other. On a snowboard, one would use an ollie.

    As for riding switch. A skier could be called riding switch, but it would have a different meaning than it would for a snowboarder, and that is where the controversy comes from. Riding switch for a snowboarder gives them a choice. Snowboarders can ride Regular or Goofy footed, almost like right or left handed, this refers to which foot rides forward. When riding switch, a term that originated from skateboarding, a rider will proceed to ride with the opposite forward. That is why, simply, a skier cannot ride switch. I have yet to see a skier that regularly skis backwards because of comfort. A skiier regularly rides forward, with both feet facing the same direction. This gives them no option to which way to face, and which foot is forward. The reason a skier considers something switch, would simply be because it sounds cooler than frontwards or backwards.

    Style is what most people aim for in skiing and snowboarding. The style is very different in both sports. When someone who skis brings their style to snowboarding, they are called a Joey. When A snowboarder brings their style to skiing, they are called a poser. Somebody who can both ski and snowboard with seperate styles, is called impressive. This is where most of the tension between skiing and snowboarding comes. Leave it to one stupid skiier or snowboarder to say that the other is brainless, like in an earlier comment. ‘I can tell this was written by a snowboarder,’ that simply brodcasts your own ignorance. There are plenty of brilliant skiers and snowboarders and there are plenty of dumb ones. Stereotyping is never the correct answer.

    Air, what started all of freestyle skiing/snowboarding, very different for each. As Andrew stated, spinning is naturally easier on skis as are inverts. This is because of the stance of a skier. Somebody said how many snowboarders do flips off rails/boxes. Well the nollie frontflip on a snowboard is one of easiest tricks, because of the pop of the snowboard, it hurls you into half a flip, any self respecting snowboarder with balance can do it off a rail/box.

    And I don’t understand why skiers and snowboarders have hate between each other. Obviously Torstein Horgmo would rather snowboard, and Simon Dumont will stick to skiing, but everything has the same roots. Skiing started first, which eventually evolved into snowboarding. Snowboarders who came from skateboarding, were the creators or freestyle. Then skiiers decided they would join because it looked fun. That is what both sports are about, having fun and throwing down. Skiiers and snowboarders should ride or ski together, it helps with ideas and variety, I personally like videos with a mixture of skiing and snowboarding, videos from home mountains where people don’t care which you do. There should be no arguments, both skiing and snowboarding are very sick.

  • Reply February 19, 2011


    Hey to all of the new commenters from the newschoolers forum. I thought I’d been spammed at first, then I saw the post on the forum – and it made sense.

    OK – as “Boo” from the forum said about their post “the above title was just to draw people in” – the same is true for the blog that I wrote. I hope I made it clear that the article was just my personal opinion, which everyone is entitled to, but I did write it to generate interest and comments.

    I’ve read all of the comments, and some of them are really good, so I’ll try to respond to each 🙂

    @Steve – thanks. I doubt every reader sucks, I don’t claim to be good, but probably don’t suck too much.

    @Kyle – I’m guessing you think I’m a moron because you don’t like my opinion? Fair enough.

    1. I hear what you’re saying about skiers popping on the nose and tail, but is it possible that it’s a more natural motion on a snowboard? I wouldn’t know to be fair cos I can’t ski and can’t ollie/nollie on them. But just from looking, the ollie looks more suited to the skateboard/snowboard setup of standing sideways…

    2. I checked out Tom Wallisch on YouTube – I watched this one:
    That guy can obviously ski – sick airs, nicely styled. The rails and boxes at the end were tres impressive, but I still prefer the style of a snowboarder on rails and boxes.

    3. Actually, what you said is my point. If you look at a snowboarder with a twin setup, when he rides with his left foot forward, it’s the same as when he rides with his right foot forward. With a skier, yes they are still “skiing”, for sure, but when they’re “switch” he is physically riding with his back in the forwards direction, looking over shoulder. I’m not saying that it “doesn’t count” or it’s not impressive, whatever, I’m saying that there’s a difference to the notion of switch on a snowboard. I like the symmetry of the snowboard setup…

    4. OK – “fudge” probably wasn’t the best way to describe what I was getting at, but I still think I prefer the notion of switch on a snowboard. Switch on skis, looks like riding backwards. Yes, that makes sense for landing spins and tricks, and it’s technical and all, I just don’t get that. Like there are parts of skiing that I watch and think, that’s awesome, but switch isn’t one of them.

    @Andrew – I wouldn’t know for sure if freestyle skiing has surpassed snowboarding, but I would say that the number of possibilities granted by two planks/4 edges doesn’t entice my to like that style more than another.

    I hear what you’re saying about the progression though – and yeah, skiers are adding stuff that you can’t do on a snowboard. I didn’t consider that when I wrote the article. I watched that first video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX65h0iRLsk). I agree that neither is better than the other – like you said, the title reflects my opinion. Does skiing offer more possibilities than snowboarding? In someways, like you suggested with more edges and two skis, I suppose it does. But I’m sure you can think of one pursuit that you prefer over another, even though it has less possibilities…

    @gnar – you’re right, I don’t know much about skiing, but I didn’t say I did 🙂 About tricks on rails on boxes, yeah you can do loads of combos on skis, I don’t deny that, I just really prefer the style of a snowboarder on rails on boxes. Like I said above, there are parts of skiing that I see and think “that’s awesome” – but rails and boxes aren’t one of those.

    That Tom Wallisch dude, toward the end of that clip did a kind of rodeo gap onto a rail, _that_ was sick. When I see a snowboarder on a rail or box, I like the way the base is flat, or pressed. I’m no expert, I don’t know skiing, but often I see one of the skis on an edge… I don’t like the look of that as much. But going back to the TW guy, he did a bunch of tricks on one ski only, at the end, where the base was flat. Nice.

    About the grabs and stuff, same as above. I accept that there are lots of possibilities on skis and stuff, and some of the airs/spins do look sick. Just like in snowboarding how I prefer a tweaked nose/tail grab to some other grabs, say like a slow fs3 nose, I prefer the snowboarding grabs in general.

    @Robert – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAgNRIX0zz4&feature=player_embedded

    I didn’t watch all of that, but I watched the start. Fun. 2:40 in is pretty cool. I’m not trying to tell you that snowboarding is superior, it just makes more sense to me. I admit that my opinion is biased due to me being a snowboarder, but come on, how many people snowboard but think skiing is better, and vica versa, how many people ski while thinking snowboarding is better?

    @Bskip – you’re right about the introduction of skis… I guess when they were first made their weren’t resorts with groomed runs 🙂 But do you accept that when snowboards were designed as an alternative to skiing, that at that time, skiing had a strong piste/carving/racing influence? And that the early snowboards were offered as “snurfers” etc, with a floaty style approach?

    I’ve been on backcountry trips with skiers and we’ve all had an amazing time in the powder. I’m not saying that skiers don’t rip the pow and make sick lines, I’m saying I think that the sideways stance and the shape of a snowboard seem better suited to the deep stuff, in my opinion.

    Skiing has more style – fair enough, your opinion.

    I’ve seen that picture before, very funny 🙂

    @random skier – snowboarding may be more limited in some ways, but would you describe it as “limited”? Same as above, I don’t necessarily think that more options = better, but I accept that skiing does offer a bunch of technical combinations and tricks.

    @cr – http://vimeo.com/6476640
    that’s an awesome video, nice filming and nice shredding/skiing. That tap at 1:15 was pretty sweet, but check out the press at 2:20 – do you agree that there is a difference in some of the tricks that snowboarders and skiers (can) do on rails and boxes. Obviously, being a snowboarder I’m going to be biased and have an attachment from the investment I’ve made, but I do prefer the snowboarding style…

    @Collin – I totally agree that there are many snowboarders who think they’re the shit, and I don’t subscribe to the gangstar attitude. It’s a good point, and I didn’t mention that in the post. Maybe it’s something I should have added as an alternative view – but it is something that I’ve had down to write about in the future.

    Again, I agree about the skiing vs snowboarding view when it comes to powder. Like I’ve said above, I’ve been out with skiers on a backcountry day where we’ve all had a class time. I’m not taking the fun/validity away at all; I’ve never skied in powder, so my experience is all from the snowboarding side, the “surfy” feel. To be fair, the fact that my experience of powder is on a snowboard, it’s more likely that I’m going to say the design of a snowboard is “better suited” – without thinking that skiers are enjoying powder in a different way. Good point.

    @casey willman – LOL – the “full retard” comment made me laugh a lot. You never want to go full retard! Fair enough I’ve written a provocative post, but that was a part of the intent. I wanted to show my opinions, and prompt others to read it and contribute 🙂 Your’s has been the funniest by far!

    @TOAST – not quite as funny as casey, but the tree well comment was good 🙂

    I’m not aware (as much as I should have been?) about ollie’ing and pressing on skis, but like you said, it _seems_ to me that you can do it to a greater extent on a snowboard? Not that it really matters. Switch is just a name, and it does open up a bunch of tricks for skiers. Like I said, it is technical, it does look difficult, I just prefer the idea of switch on a snowboard.

    I’m gonna leave the “afterbang” issue for now. That’s got a bunch of history, and yeah, as far as I know, the Robot Food guys started it way back…

    @All – thanks for the comments, I know you pretty much all disagree with me view, strongly, but thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a good season!


  • Reply February 19, 2011



    please watch this. disregard all the “partying” and stuff in the beginning, but in the 2nd or 3rd skiing shot max hill does one of the best tail presses on skis that i’ve ever seen. i know that these are rare and very difficult for skiers, but they do have the ability to press as much as a boarder. it was pressed just as much as the clip of joe mango that you pointed out in an earlier post. the entire edit is chalk full of taps, presses, and 50-50s, just a few things you said were impossible or near impossible for skiers to do.

  • Reply February 19, 2011


    @Yes – sorry, I’d written that long reply before I’d read your comment, which is pretty spot on btw. Thanks for that, I should probably broadcast it as a post in it’s own right, it’s got good balance and a good message.


  • Reply February 19, 2011


    @nser – nice video, I enjoyed watching that (the skiing footage); I like some of the tricks they’re pulling in there, and the big butter was impressive, I haven’t seen that before :0 But I still prefer the snowboarding style 😉 Cheers, Gavin

  • Reply February 20, 2011

    Ski History

    My opinion,

    This is one opinionated orgy fest, for skiers and snowboarders alike.

    End of opinion

    Correction starts here-

    Only person I want to counter act is the person “Yes”.

    “You said: Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding both root from other sports. The original point about snowboards being a better tool for jibbing comes from the fact that it derived from skateboarding. While on a skateboard/snowboard there are multiple different angles at riding a rail, for each a different name. For skiing, there is spinning, riding the rail itself, and spinning off, of course the spinning in different directions and plainly keeping your balance on two skis without falling is quite impressive. Although the snowboarders do have a point, there is much more variation on a snowboard. ”

    But you never said what skiing originated from?

    I am guessing your thinking it originated from roller blading or ice skating? Since you said they both came from other sports. Maybe you meant a different sport, but either way sir you do not know the clear history of both sports.

    But if you took 2 seconds to check into your false statement. Skiing was a way of travel for pre-historic nordic people. Technically skiing is its own sport and originated by a form of travel.

    Before you reply back google it.

    I stated facts, no opinion here. Just had to prove you wrong, no hard feelings brah.
    Peace out

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    My input on the switch subject

    Snowboarding switch – switch than the way you normally ride
    skiing switch – switch than the way you normally ride

    It’s not like what you call it affects anyone, if you want to call it backwords go ahead. It shouldn’t be a big enough problem to use as an argument over which sport is better,

    ps. and just a little added note, i switched from snowboarding to skiing- probably because i saw a closer community in the skiers, simply because anyone can go in the park on a snowboard and 5050 some rails, but on skis its only the freeskiers that are down to lap the park. Also i liked the skiing style, i thought it looked better. And you can stomp things much better on skis, not an opinion, a fact, 4 edges, works better.

    Ps.s. i dont get why people need to argue over which is better. To each their own. And besides we share the hill, the park, the snow, im friends with a bunch of snowboarders, and watch both skiing and snowboarding videos, they’re both snowsports and we should all enjoy both.

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    Allow me to summarize!

    “-I’m first going to mention that this is my opinion, you can’t tell me I’m wrong (trollface).
    -Next I’ll run down all the things I DON’T UNDERSTAND about skiing.
    -Being a snowboarder, I should mention I think snowboarding looks cooler. I’ll mention another time that I DON’T GET IT LOLZ.
    -Snowboarding is better than skiing
    -Don’t hate me”

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    fuck you skiing is bomb

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    Hey Gavin.

    I am a skier. My best friend is a snowboarder. I think anyone who rides with the opposite kind or rider knows where I’m coming from with this post.

    If you ride with the other kind of rider, you gain an immediate amount of respect for them. Both are fun, both are challenging, both are stylish, both have their ups and downs, both take from the other sport and give just as much.

    Both exist in kind of a homeostasis. Neither would be the way it is without the other.

    I show my snowboarding friends ski videos and he shows me snowboard videos. There is never a “this is better than that” mentality when riding or even talking.

    I know this is just about you’re opinion, and I respect that, but when you make a thread called “Why Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing” you’re really opening up a can of worms.

    Anyway… Peace!

  • Reply February 20, 2011

    skier who thinks snowboarding is better

    Newschoolers fuckin poached this haha! I am a skier and I want to be a snowboarder I will admit. I find that snowboarding videos are better and freestyle snowboarding is the fuel of creativity for freestyle skiing. What I love about snowboarding videos is that they are usually fun and playful whereas most skiing clips are about being EXTREME. 6’s onto rails is whack, 4’s onto rails is whack most of the time! Dubs are whack!

    That being said I love skiing and will ski ’til death. There is a lot of good things coming from skiing right now but personally I hate watching the same played out ski vids (i.e. tall tees, terrible hip hop, slow-mo). With the exception of a handful of skiers there are no unique styles but you could probably make that same argument for snowboarding.

    The freestyle skiing community should have respect for its big brother. Twin-tip skis would probably not be around today if it weren’t for snowboarding.

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    Guys please stop brining up the argument that one sport is better than the other. Gavin I have noticed that when you first wrote your article you were pretty much saying (although much more polite and less douchy than other boarders have put it,) that snowboarding is superior to skiing when it comes to freestyle. That it is easier.

    Now you seem to me that it is your opinion that snowboarding has a nicer style. All people that participate in action sports should just respect the fact that all action sports, wether it be skateboarding, bmx, skiing or snowboarding are all based on the same principles. They are not won by the man who can swing a bat better, or the person who is more skilled at shooting a puck, but they are won by the athletes ability to perform a maneuver that spectators find thrilling. All action sports are won the same way, through progression and creativity, but the style, the visual appeal varies with each sport. I can’t watch a skateboard movie for very long simply because the sport does not have the same amplitude as mountain biking or snowboarding. I can’t watch mountain biking for very long since it does not include quite as complex ariels as skiing or snowboarding. And I can’t watch snowboarding for very long. Why? I can’t tell you, I don’t know why. I just don’t think that a method five on a snowboard looks as good as a floaty japan flatspin. I don’t like watching snowboarding urban just because I think a 50-50 looks too simple.

    Don’t try to compare the sports, you can’t, they are only separated by personal preference.

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    Whatever, this guy likes snowboarding more than skiing. He can have his own opinion, no point wasting energy on trying to change some random guy’s opinion

    just go shred

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    you are a fucking retard mate

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    @T24, you make a good point. The original writing makes a stronger line at “snowboarding being the better tool” – I’m not sure I was saying that it’s easier, just better suited. But I suppose that that does imply that it’s easier, no biggy.

    Since the influx of comments, I’ve spent a decent amount of time watching videos that people have recommended and reading their comments. In doing so, I’ve been shown some ideas that I hadn’t though about – for example, the guy how described the difference in riding powder on skis… I’m saying I think a snowboard is better suited to getting that floaty, surfy feeling… he’s lets me know that actually it’s a difference sensation that the skiers enjoy. Good point.

    The truth is, in having to defend my article and view, what more can I do than say”
    “yeah, yeah, of course this is just my opinion. I respect the other stuff, but personally I just like snowboarding more…”

    Although I did say that in the original, like you’ve pointed out, I said it mixed in with a strong message that “snowboarding is better”.

    I’ll hold my hands up to that – and @Tim, who kinda summarised the structure nicely.

    Was the title deliberately aimed at drawing people in? Yes
    Did I then cover my ass with “this is only my opinion”? Yes
    Do I respect the skiers out there? Yes
    Do I think, personally, that some aspects of snowboarding make more sense to me, and appeal to me more? Yes

    Why did I write the article? To generate a bit of discussion on a snowboard blog – to get people to open up with varying arguments, some reasoned, some bitching, etc.

    Did I expect a whole load of skiers to read this? No.
    If I had expected that, would I have written the same article? Maybe, maybe not. If my readers were 50-50 split between snowboarders and skiers, I’d probably have one foot in each sport, so like many of you have pointed out, I’d have a more rounded view.

    If someone on the street asked me: “which is better, snowboarding or skiing”? I’d say snowboarding.

    I think you should all ask yourself that 🙂

    Cheers, Gavin

  • Reply February 20, 2011

    Balanced man with a balanced opinion

    Hey Gavin,

    your not doing your blog any favours.
    There is no “better” only a preference. Perhaps a better name for your article would have been “why i chose snowboarding and not skiing”.
    You mention quite a bit that snowboarding is better suited to jibbing. How would you know about “jibbing” seeing as it sys in your bio you cant spin over a 360 on a snowboard?
    You also mention that snowboarding is better in the powder and has that “surf” like feel. If your striving for that surf like feel why not just go surfing? Personally i love that “ski” like feel when im shredding on my reverse camber 127 wide skis.
    And finally, this whole ski vs. boarder debate is sooo old. I remember it was old when i joined newschoolers.com six years ago.
    Yours sincerely, and fuck you,

    An annoyed UK skier AND Boarder

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    @Balanced man with a balance opinion,

    whilst I’ve admitted to writing a provocative title, to generate debate, I have consistently said that it’s my opinion and that I’m not telling other people what fun is to them.

    Thanks for your abuse though, I’m picking up a balanced vibe there. Annoyed and balanced go well together, I can see that now 🙂

  • Reply February 20, 2011


    ima start off saying i am a skier but, i snowboarded for 8 years the last two as a fully sponsored rider and it was ok but, skiing was just a hellofalot more fun for me sure buttering isnt as great but its still doable skiing just makes way more sense on jumps and rails once your get through the pretty rough learning process are also a lot better on skis you can lock in better and spinning on and off is just immensely more precise and fun i think and with the style thing snowboarding has got it but skiing can definitely be aswell just takes someone that knows how this is just my two cents i really think this debate should be completely wiped out both disciplines have there spots on the mountain


  • Reply February 21, 2011


    Well I have to say that I think the idiot who wrote this is well, for lack of a better explanation, DUMB as F***. Not saying that I think one is way better than the other because both are respectable but you have to realize that skiers AND snowboarders push each others sports. In tricks and technology. eg. Skiers can thank boarders for parabolic edges and boarders owe skiers for hybrid camber designs. I understand that everyone has a bias of some type but you must realize that both are pulling sick shit, evenmoreso skiers, 1620 this x games, boarders never done that

  • Reply February 21, 2011

    Cyril Marthe

    Lamest text I ve ever read about snowsports.

    Keep shreding your snowflex shit in the uk dumbass

  • Reply February 21, 2011


    If someone were to ask me whether skiing is better than snowboarding, i would say which ever one you enjoy the most. Which is why is article pisses me. If you’ve never skied, don’t talk about skiing, much less talk trash about skiing. How is it not enough to say “I enjoy snowboarding” and not claim one to be better than the other. Bottom line, don’t try and analyse a sport you don’t know shit about.

  • Reply February 22, 2011

    David Z

    oh man the butthurt on this comment thread is OFF THE CHARTS! Gav is just expressing his personal opinion… you don’t have to agree, but christ you don’t have to be full-on rude about it.

  • Reply February 22, 2011

    Kyle K

    Well my opinion is exactly opposite. Yeah i’ll give you that snowboarding is ‘easier’ in powder than skiing is, but as far as versatility, accessibility to terrain, and shredability (the ability to charge hard and relentlessly in variable terrain) are concerned, I think it’s pretty tough to make an argument that favors snowboarding over skiing. The fact is, four edges are better than two bud and while snowboarding ultimately relies on the complexity of the terrain and features, skiing is allows for much more creativity on any terrain, hence the term ‘freestyle.’ At the end of the day, it’s all riding to me but no skier worth his salt can let a thread like this run without given back a little bit of trash talkin!

  • Reply February 23, 2011


    So, what we’re saying here is that freestyle skiing is hard. Skiing switch is harder than boarding switch and its unnatural. Skiing at this level is harder than snowboarding at this level. Is that what we’re saying? So, then would it be fair to say that the guys skiing at this level are WAY more badass than the guys snowboarding at this level? 😉

  • Reply February 23, 2011


    Look Gavin, it is obvious that you love snowboarding and thats awesome. But trying to justify why it is “better” is useless. Snowboarding and skiing are both fun, and each is different. And, trying to compare skiing to snowboarding, when you obviously know nothing about skiing, only makes you seem like another braindead knuckle dragger.

  • Reply February 23, 2011


    Your argument about switch is a joke. Switch does not mean right foot forward or left foot forward. It does not mean riding backwards or forward. It means simply to change. Therefore when you usually ride left foot forward but then ride right foot forward, you have changed from your regular position and you’r going switch, the other way around. The same applies to skis.

    If you say skiing switch is backwards then okey, it basically is, but then when snowboarding should be called leftside og rightside (assuming you know the difference) depending on how you prefer to ride.

    I know how to ride both so I’m not an skier talking out of my ass.

    This is by far the worst post I’ve ever read on winter sports.

  • Reply February 25, 2011


    I’m a skier, have been since I was 11 months old. I have friends who ski, and friends who snowboard. I personally don’t think that anyone can have a completely valid opinion until they have tried both… but this has been very interesting reading material.

    Stay steezy boys.

  • Reply February 26, 2011


    I think this is a cool article (and blog BTW) and a subject that always sparks intense debate. Your summing up is accurate Gavin – guys – do what you love!
    Give us each day our daily shred 😛

  • Reply March 19, 2011

    Nick Carr-Jones

    great article! The thing I always try to consider is how different the sports are. Yes, they can be called very similar, but when you really think about it, they are quite unique!

    Think of it this way… you wouldn’t say riding a motor cycle is just like driving a car. If you ask me, the same thing applies to skiing and snowboarding.

    All I can say is try both, and then make your mind up, because it’s your preference against someone elses.

    But to the point… yeah snowboarding’s the best 🙂

  • Reply May 31, 2011

    levi clothier

    hae man great stuff im all with you on this one im doing a speech on this topic at school so thanks for the ideas but dont worry im gonna re write it in pretty much my own word


  • Reply July 25, 2011


    Skiers love to be techo about skiing. Well, to the skier who believe that skiing is faster than boarding. The world fastest recorded man down a slope is a One Legged Aussie who used a 100mm wide snowboard. Skier and resort seem to be selfish and place boarder second when it come to accommodating snow-sports. Why have the chair lifts never been atone or adjusted for safe pick up and delivery to the slopes for boarder. Why have a section for skiers only ( moguls) which stuff up a area,s on the mountain for all snow-sports. Where Boarding as added new dimension to the mountain for all snow sports.

  • Reply November 15, 2011

    David K

    First time at a park i put on skis, went striaght to the top, got some quick tips from a friend on how to stop and with a quick look around i noticed everybody was using skis just about, went down the hill and went kept going all the way to rental shack and got a board, never touched skis since and love snowboarding with a passion, been 4 years now, practicing for compeition.

  • Reply November 16, 2011


    @David K – that made me laugh 😉

  • Reply January 12, 2012

    James Carter

    You dont know what your talking about skis are better for powder and back country switch is funnier because its actually hard. We cant go 5050 on a rail but why would we want to just go straight on something boring. Who ever published this is very uneducated.

  • Reply January 12, 2012

    James Carter

    I mean look at the facts a skier holds the biggest cliff jump (Jamie Pierre) no snowboarder has hit chads gap thats a huge jump that tanner hall broke his ankles. A skier was first to throw a triple flip. Snowboarding has another 20 years before they catch up to us skiers.

  • Reply January 12, 2012

    James Carter

    And then david says how everyones skiing around him but everyone is really boarding they all talk shit because im the only skier im sorry that im not a follower i would rather have fun then do what makes me look cool. Its funny how snowboarders think there badass at powder or trees i have never found a boarder that could keep up with me threw a tree trail or powder.

  • Reply February 22, 2012

    Tom Lawson

    Jame Carter – you seem to imply you’re so wonderfully educated.

    Would you care to explain how this footage of Travis Rice hitting chads gap exists please?


    Best of luck chap….

  • Reply March 5, 2012


    Although I do agree that snowboarding is better, I also have to agree with the commenters that most of your points are kind of biased and just plain wrong. I respect your opinion but you tried too hard to “prove” that snowboarding is better. Personally, I just like that fact that snowboarding is like skateboarding. I think skis look kind of ridiculous in the terrain park, and while I’m certain that it takes just as much skill and finesse to ski as to board, and there’s a huge variety of tricks you can do with two planks instead of one, it just seems to me (it always has, even back when I used to ski) that crossing your skis or lifting up one leg on a box or any of those other little twists skiers put on their tricks just makes them look silly. I guess it reminds me of rollerblading (remember when it used to be in the x-games before the sport just kinda died?) I’m sure skiers think I look like a fool on the mountain sometimes too, though.

  • Reply October 13, 2012


    You are wrong about the skiers not being able to ollie. Both ollieing and nollieing is possible on skis, and some skiers can actually get pretty high.

  • Reply October 16, 2012


    Dear Skiiers,

    Your welcome.


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