Which Snowboard?

I’ve started to look around at the various snowboards on offer this year; my criteria being freestyle/jib. As I started to make a list I thought I’d check out the boards I was considering a couple of years ago (has it been that long?) when I bought the T2. At the time, my shortlist looked like this:

  • Nitro T2
  • Rome Artifact
  • Rome Agent
  • Ride Kink
  • Sapient Evolution

I’d also been considering: Nitro T1, Bataleon Evil Twin, Jeenyus Eddie Wall and the Capita Travis Parker Texas… but at the time, these boards were dropped from the shortlist.

Well, from the boards above (both lists), I am now considering: Rome Agent, Rome Artifact, Ride Kink, Sapient Evolution and the Nitro T1. But there are some problems… first off, I don’t like the graphics on a couple of those boards – the Artifact and the Kink. I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason to not buy a board, but for me, it’s a big factor. I don’t want crap graphics. Second, it’s hard to source the Nitro and the Sapient from the UK…

Then there are boards that I wasn’t considering last time. I’m currently in America with work – so on the way out here I put the flight time to good use, pouring over the new WhiteLines Buyer’s Guide.

Although a little hesitant, I’m interested in the Lib Tech Skate Banana. There’s also the DC MLF; both of these boards are new to me. Add in the Ride DH, which I’ve breifly ridden in the past and liked, plus it continues to be reviewed highly. And finally two Forum boards: the Youngblood and the Eddie Wall.

Taking out those with bad graphics, that makes the following list:

  • Rome Agent
  • Sapient Evolution
  • Nitro T1
  • Lib Tech Skate Banana
  • DC MLF
  • Ride DH
  • Forum Youngblood
  • Forum Eddie Wall


  • Reply April 13, 2010


    Skate Banana FTW! haha. I’ve got last season’s and love it. The rocker technology (which many different manufacturers seem to be pushing this year) seems to be the ‘in’ thing. I’d suggest giving them a demo, it seems to be a love/hate thing.

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Yeah, I’m still not totally sure about it. Something makes me not want to ride a board that’s ‘different’ to all other boards – like the tripple base stuff as well.Not sure why, but I guess I’d hate to be good on one board and then not be able to ride a normal one – hooking up on edges all the time or something daft! Then again, they’re highly rated…

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