Wax Or Washing-Up Liquid?

The first time that I tried riding on snowflex, I was surprised to discover that the method of choice for making your board faster on dry days is to apply washing-up liquid. And it really works.

Just pour the liquid onto a mat and then rub your board across the top. Job done. It seems to last for a couple/few runs and then you need another application. Of course I’ll know a little more after I’ve riden on the snowflex a few more times…

So in preparation for this weekend’s riding, I’ve been scouting a cheap source of washing-up liquid. I found some in town today at 13p per litre. That should do the trick nicely.

Much better would be a little bit of rain, but you can never rely on the British weather…

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  • Reply April 13, 2010


    Surely when it rains, the whole slope will become a massive foam bath if you use fairy all the time?!?!

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