The Art of Flight Trailer

There’s been a lot of build up and a lot of hype for the Art of Flight. Given that the premiere “went off” in New York City, 7th September, not to mention the fact you can download the movie from iTunes, the trailer below is already old news. Forgive me, I’m away from home at the moment…Is it the world’s most anticipated snowboard movie? Probably.

Looking at that, it’s pretty hard to imagine not watching it. Following on from That’s It, That’s All, the settings, the riding, the filming, it all looks spectacular. Such a big production. Maybe that’s not what you normally associate snowboard movies with, but it doesn’t stop it from being appealing. Even if it’s just to see how far they took things.

They’ve clearly gone all out with the scale of this movie – my feeling is that they went all out with the riding too.

I was impressed with That’s It, That’s All. Very impressed. It didn’t necessarily give me the feeling that “I had to go riding”, like some of my favourite snowboard flicks. Parts did, but some shots made me want to go travelling and explore the world.

Will The Art of Flight be the same? Maybe. I’m still going to buy it. I’ve gotta see it now. What about you?


iTunes vs. disk?

Another snowboard movie you can download from iTunes. Interesting. There’s no reason snowboard films shouldn’t be available in iTunes, but maybe you’re used to buying them on DVD? No waiting though, and cheaper than the disk version. £7.99 in the UK, £9.99 for the HD version.


Review(s) of Art of Flight

I haven’t seen the film yet – I’ll download it when I get home. Art of Flight was featured in the The Red Bulletin (a monthly magazine production from Red Bull) – it was the first review that I read. They wrote:

“Why we can’t wait for the best action sports movie of all time,”


“Art of Flight is as much a homage to the majesty of the world’s untouched snowscapes as it is a documentation of the thrills that can be found there”

Fair enough, you’d probably expect that from such a magazine. If you’re after a more rounded review – check out the write-up from Whitelines, it’s good.


  • Reply September 28, 2011


    Havent heard of the movie before, but i hope it keeps what the Trailer promises. Nowhere’s Trailer promised a lot, but the movie was a bit of a Dissapointment. Looking forward to see it.

    have u already watched it by now?


  • Reply September 28, 2011


    Not yet – gonna watch it this weekend. Hooked up Apple TV, so I’m gonna be content with the iTunes version 😉

  • Reply October 10, 2011


    Having watched the flick several times, I think its an awesome piece of film, but imho the same judgement as for That’s it, that’s all applies: I doesn’t make you wanna jump on your board. I love the huge lines they drop in AK though.

    I’m really looking forward to Isenseven’s new flick Kaleidoscope. Over the last years the Isenseven flicks have always been one of the best of the season with unmatched editing. What movies are you looking forward to, Gavin?


  • Reply October 12, 2011


    Hey Daniel,

    well, I was looking forward to the new Absinthe movie, because I think they’ve continued to produce great films ever since I started snowboarding. I found it disappointing ;(

    Apart from that, I also am looking forward to the Isenseven movie. So many people rate them and to date, I haven’t seen any of their movies (wtf, I know).

    I think I remember something about a female shred-flick, called Girl, or something like that. Was this last season, or this season. Can’t remember…


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