Spine Transfer – Stoked!

Last night was another Redcar session, the second of this year. I’ve been feeling a bit ill all week but I decided to go anyway, I didn’t want to miss out.

I’m wanting to try new things each time I skate at the moment, but a couple of the things I had in mind for last night turned out to be harder than they were in my head. So, I decided to return to a goal that I’ve had for a long time: getting over the spine.

The method I want to use is to go forwards into a tail stall on the coping, ready to drop in on the other side. To be honest, I’ve never really tried it before, save for 10 minutes or so at Silksworth a couple of weeks back. After 10 or so tries I realised that getting into the stall was pretty easy. All that was left was to get my balance more forward…

More attempts… then I got it. Sick. It feels so good.

I pretty much had it on lock down by the end of the session. If there are any skaters reading you may be thinking “that’s a pretty easy move” – and you’re probably right. It is an easy move. But for me, it’s definitely one of those things that seems hard until you get it, and then it’s very easy, like it totally clicks. There are other tricks that I can kind of do, but a lot of the time they still catch me out. This transfer feels more like learning to drop in; once you learn to do it, you don’t forget it.

Then again, I should probably hold off that assessment until I try it on a bigger spine!

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