Some Video From This Summer/Autumn

It’s taken me a while to sort this out, but better late than never I suppose. It’s just some video from two sessions earlier this year: one at Halifax and one at the Chill FactorE. Right at the start is the slam that I mentioned from Halifax…

It’s been a little bit frustrating to be honest. On my old laptop I had a version of some decent video editting software – which did a good job. I’ve been unsuccessful installing it on my new laptop; so I’m stuck using Windows Movie Maker.

Movie Maker isn’t that bad, and it is free after all. But having the basics only is not what I’m used to, and that’s frustrating. What’s more, the video output from Movie Maker, when presented by YouTube looks bad. If I choose 4:3 ratio in Movie Maker I get black bars at the top and bottom of the video – because my camera is widescreen. So when I upload it to YouTube, the result is too small, which you’ll see below.

If I choose 16:9 in Movie Maker, which is what I should select, it looks fine until it ends up on YouTube, where it is squashed, and basically looks pap.

These aspect problems may be caused by the fact that my camera isn’t true-widescreen, which is confusing Movie Maker, maybe not. Has YouTube changed their default to widescreen? Either way, my old software used to handle it fine…

If you’re a pc user, what do you use to edit your video? (Actually if you are a Mac user, what do you use?)

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