Riding Pipe Lesson Review

Since getting the Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program last April (read my review here), SA have added a few extra videos to the package. As I’ve mentioned before, their new material is often released as an individual video that’s available in their subscription program, and then it’s added to one of their programs – often the Freestyle Program.

Of those, my favourites have been the Buttering videos and the Riding Pipe video – as you’ll see below. I wrote a review of the Riding Powder lesson recently – it’s not bad, I just don’t think their attention to detail, which makes their instruction so good, is as applicable to riding pow.

Anyway, if you’ve been contemplating getting their Freestyle Program, or you’re just interested, there’s a new Overview, which does a good job of showing you what you get…

Riding Pipe Video

OK – so the Riding Pipe video is the newest instruction from SA, and I really enjoyed it. It’s been ages since I last rode the half-pipe, and this video just made me want to go and start working on the things I was getting to grips with back then, and then add some more height, stability, maybe some basic spins… It reminded me how much fun the half-pipe can be!

The Snowboard Addiction Pipe video is 22 minutes long, starting at making your very first runs through the pipe, moving to basic tricks like alley-oops and 360s. Here’s what I like about it:

Good introductory progression. Covering your first turns, changing them to hop/jump turns, and then aiming to get closer to the coping. Nice start.

Toe and heel edge runs. I haven’t really ridden a half-pipe since 2006, but this is something I’ve thought about a lot. Making runs through the pipe staying on one edge the whole way. They show how it’s good for developing correct edge use, and getting you used to riding switch in the pipe, which you’ll need for 360s and beyond.

Correct edging. I didn’t get any help when starting out in the pipe, I just did what felt like the right thing. My edge use was generally ok, but not when landing on the frontside wall, and I’d sometimes put too much edge in on the backside wall toward the top… This video shows you when to use your edges, what edge to use, and what you need to be doing on take off for straight airs, and spins. Awesome!

Basic tricks. You get the low down on terminology, which can be a little confusing in the pipe, as well as instruction on how to initiate your spins in the pipe. It gave me the impression I could go out and start working on spins – just what you need.

I think it’s a great addition by them, and if you’re interested in riding the half-pipe, you’ll like this. Here’s their new teaser…


  • Reply February 4, 2011


    Hey Gavin,

    I dont have the powder vids available: What are the setting changes for pow riding??

  • Reply February 7, 2011


    Hey Rene – when did you purchase the program? I think you’re entitled to a free subscription for 6 months or something…

    If you’ve got that, you just go to this page:

    You have to sign in with your email and password, and then there’s a list of the latest video additions that you can download.

    Videos only stay in there for so long – but I’ve just checked – the Riding Powder video is still there. Go get it 🙂

    That’s what you meant, right?

  • Reply February 7, 2011


    Hey Gavin,
    They told me, i had the chance to check the subscription program 30 days after buy, but i didnt do it, because of my sillyness and i need the paypal acc of my sister (just for the details (0€ bill)).

    But i will give it a try, maybe… maybee…!^^

    The answer is good, but i meant the binding changes for pow. so i didnt write exactly enough

    peace and love

  • Reply February 7, 2011


    Just checked, and i dont have the 6 month free trial right, but i think i will go for it, because 27$ (in € much less :D) are not much for the quality of the addiction program (in Detailness the addiction program is sometimes better than a teacher /But more theoretical (good and bad)) So also much cheaper.

    The 2 days Freestyle lessons i had in december helped me a lot with my practical riding skill, and my vision for Features on the slope, but the Addiction program gave/gives me the Basics for it.
    I’m a real Theoretical scientist in everything^^ When doing something like snowboarding im always thinking about the technique, how to do things, and what factors influence what kind of riding. So the Addiction Program gives me perfect basics for it, and also still has space for more learning (although i already watched them all), because you notice things/techniques/things to take care on (like “keep your hips in riding direction”) in the vids only when you faced them on the slope before.
    So maybe i can watch the Jibbing lessons, but without having done too much jibbing, i wont notice and work out essential things i will only notice when i had a problem with them before

    So i give the addiction program an A+ (or 5 stars +) because of its quality (it really wraps up things from the basics, builds up one basic after the another (easy Manuals before doing the greater buttery stuff) so that you have a stable build house of your riding, with no cracks in the fundament ) ( this feature you wont find that easily on vids on youtube, and only with good snowboard teachers that are instructed by official snowboardschools (im thinking of the snowboarding “how to vids” where Freestyler tell to “just put your head back” to do an backflip. Stuff they more likely mastered with doing than knowing the theoretical stuff.))

    I also want to give the Addiction freestyle program an A+ because of their price point. 55$ for an full range freestyle lesson at that quality level, and you have that with you all the time (a teacher for one day costs about 60€ (group price))
    and you can have that program everywhere with you. (So i cannot really show that to too many people, because they are to much hard of hearing or they have not that english skills^^)(but im really enjoying it, although im doing it alone ;))

    So thats a big plus, but it doesnt mean, you should do addiction lessons only. I think its a really big additional help for advancing your riding, but you shouldnt do that all alone

    Peace and love

    P.S and Gavin: Nice job with the blog! 🙂 when you think its “dead” you come with new posts for us to think about new aspects of snowboarding so you made me buying much more stuff^^ (unfortunately or not) but also enjoying more aspects of snowboarding, so not just the riding sometimes, but the State of mind! 🙂 *thumps up*

  • Reply February 7, 2011


    Damnnn gavin, sorry for the double post, you can pick one you want to delete^^

    …. crappy internet…

  • Reply February 7, 2011


    Hey Rene,

    no worries, I got the double post 😉

    1) OK – the binding positions… the video just suggests putting your bindings back to help in the powder, nothing that you probably don’t know already with that point, but the interesting thing for me was the mention of riding twin, for riding switch in powder… something I’d like to do, but practically at the moment if I’m riding _good_ off piste terrain, I want the help of a directional setup.

    2) The SA videos – yeah I rate them highly, the coverage and quality is right up there, and I think they’re worth the money.

    3) I’m glad you’re liking the blog – stay tuned because I’ve got a bunch of articles/posts that will keep you thinking about snowboarding 🙂


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