It’s been around a month since I was last boarding, so I was well up for last Friday’s session at Castleford. However, the night unfortunately ended rather abruptly when James broke his collarbone. Ouch!

And it totally snapped – the picture here doesn’t do it justice… when he moved his shoulder the bone was really poking up through the skin. I’ve gotta say that I was impressed, James didn’t complain once.

I was also pretty surprised – by the hospital’s strategy: “here’s a sling, leave it as it is and come back in two weeks time”. That seems pretty laisser faire – but I guess they know what they’re doing…

Of course it was a shame that James broke a bone – but I’m glad it didn’t happen in the middle of a holiday, and there’s plenty of time before the season starts.

So our night ended about halfway through, just as some things were starting to come together. I suppose the only right thing to do is go riding as soon as possible and try to get them sorted…

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