Shred-A-Vision, New Snowboard Movie from WildCard

WildCard Movies have released their new shred flick this month, Shred-A-Vision.

I like the look of some of the riding in the teaser (below) and I like their view on how they do things: Representing the NorthWest for over a Decadeā€¦. WildCard has emassed a cult following of die hard shreds who love the flavor of our one of a kind snowboard flicks..

I’ve not seen any of their productions yet, but I’m going to get this. As you’ll read in the next post, I’ve only just joined the party this season. A new snowboard movie is right on cue.

Check out the teaser below, and if you wanna see more, you can hook it up on iTunes.

Shredding in this movie: Andy Bergin-Sperry, Forrest Burki, Manuel Diaz, Tim Carlson, Kurt Jenson, Scotty Vine, Andy Stern, Nick Ennen, Shaun McKay, Luke Thorington, Jake Blauvelt, Austin Hironaka, Temple Cummins, Laura Hadar, Joe Bosler, Matt Penny, Scotty Witsil, Forest Bailey, Morgan Rose, Aaron Robinson, Scotty Witsil, Jesse Flies, Stefan Krumm, Blake Payne, Sebi Geiger, Madison Ellsworth, Colin Spencer, Seth Hill, Patrick McCarthy, and many more

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