Rising Snowboard Stars to Watch Out For Winter 2013/14

On any given day, they might be shreddin’ the gnar or cruisin’ the fresh pow. They might even be found grabbing, grinding or switching in pursuit of their dreams. On any given day, they might be doing a lot of things, but one thing is certain. These are the rising snowboard stars to watch out for this winter 2013/14

Kyle Mack

At 16, Kyle Mack rules the slopes. Last year he and his goofy stance made it to the finals in all three of the NBC affiliated Dew Tours sponsored by Mt. Dew.

This year he stomped both a backside double 1080 and a smooth cab double 900 on his way to claiming first and second place in two major competitions. Last winter, Kyle landed the first triple rodeo 1440 ever to be completed. Surprising for one so young? Not when you consider that he began snowboarding when he was 2 years old and competing when he was just 6!
This is a snowboarding video of when he was just 13 years old, incredible!

This is video footage of Kyle Mack landing the first triple rodeo 1440 ever to be completed in a competition.

Billy Morgan

When it comes to creating the most difficult tricks within the biggest jumps, an event known as slopestyle, Billy Morgan is ranked as number 2 in the world. After winning his first world cup event this winter, Billy has qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics. He is the first person to ever stomp the Triple Rodeo at Keystone National Park in Colorado, and he’s the first Briton to complete the Back Side Triple Cork 1440 at Breckenridge Park in Colorado. Feats made all the more surprising because he’s only been in the sport since he was 17.

Aimee Fuller

Aimee started out skiing when she was 4 years old. She discovered snowboarding when she was 12 and she fell in love for the first time at 15.

While she excels at Big Air, Pipe and Slopestyle, slopestyle is her passion. Aimee has used that passion as a focus for her top ten performances in several major events as she sets her sites on the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Maisie Potter

Like many before her, Maisie exchanged her athletic interest for one she enjoyed more. Skiing at the age of six, snowboarding at the age of eight and competing at the age of 9, this girl is on course for success. She enjoys Bordercross, Half Pipe and Slopestyle.

However, since being selected for the British Bordercross team, she has focused her time and energy on Bordercross. Her dedication has been its own reward since this sixteen-year-old young lady won a British Snowboard Championship last winter.

Mikey Ciccarelli 

At sixteen, Mikey Ciccarelli has lofty goals. Snowboarding since he was seven, Ciccarelli dreams of the 2014 Winter Olympics and of pursuing a professional snowboarding career. With each competition he gets closer.

He’s placed in the top five at both the Canadian Nationals and Junior JAM U.S. Open. Then, on the last run of the 2012 Junior Olympics in Innsbruck, he stomped a sick backside 1080 double-cork and took first place away from the projected winner.

Mikey Ciccarelli might have lofty dreams, but he has the air to back them up.

Ty Walker

Ty Walker seems like a typical teenager. She has straight A’s in school, and when she has time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. At 16, however, she is anything but typical. For her seventh birthday, she asked her parents for a snowboard, and she has never looked back. Over the last three years, she has won at least six major events, but amidst all the glory, she stepped back from competition because she wants something more. No, it’s not to live life like a normal teen. She’s training to qualify for the 2014 Olympics.

Mark McMorris

At 19, Mark McMorris is still a kid to some, but on the slopes he is a man among men. In 2011-2012 alone, he won five major competitions. This includes winning the World Snowboard Tour overall championship.

He has nailed several major tricks, but most notably, the snowboard community credits him with being the first to stomp the Backside Triple Cork 1440.

Ayumu Hirano

Fourteen-year-old Ayumu Hirano might be quiet in life, but on the slopes his efforts can be heard around the world. Regardless of the pipe, this teenager pairs huge air with technical precision. For his technique and control, he has been rewarded with numerous accomplishments. Twice he has taken silver at major events finishing behind snowboarding icon Shaun White, and on his own, he has scored wins at major events.

Each of these young phenomenons has proven that age does not drive their success, and they have all been proven successful in their own right. They are the rising snowboard stars to watch this winter. The only thing higher than their jumps and tricks are their dreams of success.

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