[Really Small] Spine Transfer – Part 2

This is deja vu isn’t it? Well not exaclty. I’ll tell you what’s going on here. We really want to be able to transfer the spine on the mini ramp we ride at R-Kade. Mike figured we should get it down on the really small ramp first, then take it to the larger mini ramp…

I’m lucky to be skating with Mike actually becuase it’s been him that’s pushing us both to do it. He started things off by trying to air the spine with a grab (holding before take off); and this time he wanted to get it done with a straight ollie. It’s so good skating/riding with someone of the same ability because you end up pushing each other all the time.

You see, at first we thought it would be easier to transfer on the larger spine by keeping hold of the board. Less scarey than ollie’ing right? So we tried that first on the smallest ramp. The thing was though, when we took it to the larger spine, compressing down on the transition to get a grab was killing all of our speed. That’s not to say that a better skater can’t do it – it’s just we felt we had no chance, yet.

So, Mike was like

we gotta be able to just ollie over it clean – I reckon it’s gonna be easier than grabbing anyway…

So that’s what we tried. Similar to the last one, this was the first time we’d ever attempted this – and our very first attempts weren’t filmed. It kinda goes like this: “man, I think we’re gonna end up landing this, better get the camera out,” so we often don’t film the first bits.

Again, just take this for what it is: us learning something new. The track’s called “Float On” and it’s by Modest Mouse. I must confess that this if the only song of theirs that I have heard – my sister was playing it. But I think I’m gonna get their album and see what it’s like. Enjoy…


  • Reply April 13, 2010


    your ollies are good but u need to lift ur backfoot to get a leveled out straight ollie jump try doing this on a BIGGER spine 😀 keep skating! Keep going and Dont give up!!

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Yeah I see that with the back leg. Cheers mate!!

  • Reply April 13, 2010


    yea…. i see that back leg… and it would have been much easier if you would have tried it on the little hump next to the spine… get used to the falling motion and stay above your board then moved on to the spine… now that youve got it though… try to take it further… kickflip it, then shuvit the spine… and if your feeling dangerous… tre the spine

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