NothinButSnow – End of Season Recap

At the start of the year I wrote about some of the possible ways to take your riding to the level – with camps, improvement courses and instructor training. One of the companies that I mentioned was NothinButSnow, a Canadian based company providing improvement- and instructor-courses…

Snowboard instruction, and improvement in general, is one of the key focuses of the afterbang site, so I’ve kept in touch with the guys from NothinButSnow throughout the season, to get a feel for how their setup is going. Now that the season is done and finished, I thought I’d post some of their video recap, for those who are considering either an improvement course, or an instructor course.


2011/2012 season with NothinButSnow

First up, these guys had a 100% pass rate on the course, which is pretty reassuring if you’re thinking about training to be an instructor. There were also a bunch of reports from great powder days – always a bonus – but you’d probably expect that given they operate in Whistler and Big White 😉

Here’s a short insight from one of the NBS students, Kevin, who completed CASI level 1 and level 2 certifications, in Big White:

If you are considering something like an 11-week long instructor course, you’ve probably got a few questions. What will I be doing? What it’s going to be like?… These are common questions, so in response, NothinButSnow put together another video to try and give some idea. Here’s what they said about it:

A video condensing an entire season in to a 4 minutes. Get a real insight in to everyday life, it’s hard to believe but yes, this is what you do everyday!!! It’s about having fun in a safe and relaxing environment, learning new skills and making great friends.

Have you considered an instructor course? Have you already done one? Or some other kind of improvement course or camp? It’s a pretty good way to spend the winter…


  • Reply July 19, 2012


    Hey Gavin,

    Are you still going to Cas for jibbing regularly?

    I’m missing snowboarding badly. Just over 3 months since the last session! Nothing can really replace snowboarding!

    It’s the first time since leaving UK that I’ve checked your website and I have just come across this article. The funny coincidence is that early this morning, there was only one other surfer on the shore breakers (I’ve been trying to learn surfing in the last 2 weeks!). We got chatting and he is a UK snowboard instructor and one of the founders of NothinButSnow.

    Surfing is tougher to learn but I feel the stoke coming back!

  • Reply July 20, 2012


    Hey Dewei,

    good to hear from you, and glad that you’re getting the stoke from learning to surf!

    I haven’t ridden at Cas since getting back from Les Arcs, earlier this year. I think perhaps I’ll put in a stint – a bunch of trips over a couple of months or so. Not sure when I’ll get to that, sooner would be better than later 😉

    Small world ey? Running into one of the instructors from NBS!

    Take it easy,

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