New Snowboarding Gear for This Season…

The season is getting closer all of the time. It seems like ages since I’ve bought any snowboard gear, but with the winter coming and new products out in the shops, it’s time to decide if I need to buy anything…And actually I do. There are two definites, one really good idea and one don’t really need that but it would be nice on the shopping list.

New Snowboard Helmet

I wear a lid most of the time. Last year I asked the question How do you know when to replace your helmet? Well, I’ve been rocking mine since 2004 and I know it’s had quite a few knocks in that time. If I’m gonna wear a helmet – I may as well get a new one. This is a definite.

As for which one? I’m not quite sure. I do like the idea of a helmet with built in audio, that would probably suit me well. I like some of the designs from Bern and Pro-tec – some of the Smith lids too. Shortly, I’ll be taking a more detailed look at some of the models I’m considering.

New Snowboard Boots

OK – I’ve classed this as a definite requirement, but that’s not strictly true. I could probably get away with riding my old 32 Lashed boots for another season. They’re starting to drop apart, missing eyelets and the like, but I’d get by; the water isn’t coming in quite yet. The worst offence would probably be the smell. But, they are pretty done in and they’re really soft now (which I kinda like); it’s a good time to get a new pair.


With boots, I’m less sure than I am with helmets. I could get another set of the Lashed boot. They’ve never let me down, I really like basic laces and the way the inner boot ties up (attached to the outer boot) is awesome. I think they’re still made like that. But I will take this opportunity to consider some of the other options. I’ll be looking for something light and freestyle/all-round oriented; nothing too stiff…

GoPro Camera

I’m putting this down as a really good idea. No doubt most readers will have seen plenty of great footage from one of these cameras. I definitely like to take video when I’m snowboarding, and the combination of size, attachments and quality makes the GoPro an excellent option. I’ll probably hesitate and ask myself: should I maybe get the Contour HD instead? But right now my gut is with the GoPro…


New Jib Stick

Finally, the don’t really need that but it would be nice item. A new jib stick. My current snowboard collection includes a Lib Tech Travis Rice, from 2009, a Capita Charlie Slasher from last season and a beat up Nitro T2. The T.Rice is the board that I ride everywhere, including indoor slopes. I’ve not ridden the Capita yet, but that is now my powder board of choice. As for the T2, I keep that around for the snowflex slope at Halifax, because the surface there is good for destroying snowboards.

So why do I want a jib stick? For jibbing obviously! I’m planning on riding more indoor slope and seems as though I really like the T.Rice, I’d be happy to keep that away from all those rails and boxes and keep it going for longer. Something a bit softer would be fun and I could use it on snowflex too. I don’t need one, I’d just like one…

Your Shopping List?

How about you? Is there any gear that you absolutely need to buy for this season? How about some cool new stuff you like the look of? Drop your thoughts with a comment.


  • Reply September 30, 2011


    Hi everybody,

    The season is being prepared, and is still here to enable you to save time and money when hiring your snowboard in more than 600 resorts throughout Europe.

    So let’s have some good rides dudes

  • Reply October 5, 2011


    I don’t have anything more to buy for the coming winter season (I hope!).

    Since I first tried snowboarding 6 months ago, I have bought
    Salomon Answer 09/10 (2nd hand off ebay – a bit of a rash decision as a noob but it should get used on the mountain)
    Forum Youngblood Chilli Rocker 10/11 (sales item- being used in the fridge)
    Drake Supersports bindings (sales item)
    Salomon F20 09/10 boots (sales item)
    Dakine Tour bag (sales item)
    Flexmeter wristguards
    Flexmeter wristguards gloves
    Westbeach hoodie (sales item)
    Westbeach Maverick Jacket (sales item)
    Westbeach pants x 2 (one sales item, one 2nd hand off the forum)
    Forcefield Action Pro shorts
    Tesco Value Iron
    Wax and edge tuning kit (off the forum)
    Rub on wax
    Rome 390 bindings (2nd hand off the forum, not quite sure why I [U] needed [/U] to buy but I thought the Drakes were a bit too big)
    Red Mutiny helmet (sales item)
    Snow Addiction learn to ride and Freestyle videos
    McNab Go Snowboarding book
    A few 2nd hand snowboarding videos
    Transform mitts (from the forum)
    Snowboarding socks x2

    How quickly one slides down the slippery slope once having set foot on a snowboard! I dare not add up the above costs!So, I am going to stop here now. I will continue use the (ski) goggles from 12 years ago. I will NOT look at a GoPro camera or Airhole Mask or a Never Summer Evo or a Bataleon Evil Twin or a spine protector. No, I mustn’t… 😉

  • Reply October 5, 2011


    I’ve managed to restrict myself to one board, which I still love – but I’ve often been tempted to get another…

    Re helmet – I’m very much of the opinion that the most important thing when buying a helmet is that it fits properly – you don’t want any bits fitting more closely than others, otherwise you might end up with pressure points in a crash. Shame, because I really liked the look of some of the others when I bought my Giro lid, but it was the only one that fitted (although it fits really well and isn’t offensive looking).

    Glad the recovery seems to be going well – I smashed my clavicle a couple of years ago, and it took me ages to get back on the board – was all good though when I did.

  • Reply October 6, 2011


    @dewei it’s a dangerous game this snowboarding stuff! So much stuff to consider (and buy). The GoPro is very tempting – doubt I’ll resist it this season…

    @wizard, good job with your board. Similar thing with the t.rice – I like it a lot, but I don’t want to smash it up before the trip to Breck, which is a good *excuse* to consider buying a new board 😉

    Getting the lid to fit well is important – and not always easy!

    Thanks about the recovery! I seem to be back on track now…

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