Mid Summer Stoke

A couple of weeks ago we decided that we’re going to Fernie next winter. Fernie was amongst the handful of resorts in Canada that we were looking at. In the end it won out due to its steep and deep terrain, the catboarding opportunities, Fernie town, and its proximity to an airport. Not that I know about any of this first hand; the two main sources of information being the good old Internet and my chief partner in crime on this subject – Simon.

Since then we’ve been looking for somewhere to stay… all the while flight options seem to have been getting worse. So last night four of us sat round a table and decided to either book a package, or book a flight. It ended up being the first option: we’re set to stay in Cornerstone Lodge, right at the bottom of the slopes.

Once things were set I was fairly excited. The piste map came out. We started talking about some of the good areas, the backcountry, new kit we’d all like to get our hands on, drinking in the bar… it was like we were going next week, but it’s still only July.

With all the talk of powder I started to think about some of my off-piste gear. I’d kind of like to get a new rucksack for next year because mine is a little on the small side: with a shovel, some water and my camera bag there isn’t much room left. I also took a look at Simon’s transceiver. I just borrowed or hired last Season in Laax, which is probably what I’ll do next year too, but sooner or later I’ll get one.

I can’t wait. I’m even looking forward to the flight – but that’s probably because the drinks are going to be free 🙂

To round it off, fresh from the More DVD case, Scott Sullivan made it into the car for this morning’s drive to work. He’s got some great music – keeping me in a snowboarding frame of mind…


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    Dude, in the end you’ll thank me for this. I know you’ll probably have a great time at fernie and all, but by far the best resort in canada is whistler. Yeah its farther away, but its well worth the little bit of extra travel time, trust me. Its village/ club scene is amazing, its park is off the hook, it has a mile of verticle rise, 200 runs, fucking insane backcountry, my favourite catboarding company of all times, powder mountain, and it has the best weather ever. last year they had 45 ft of snow! pow day everyday! You wont be dissapointed. If there is still time change your travel plans change them.

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    It is too late! But I stand by our choice to shred at Fernie 🙂 I have no doubt that Whistler is an awesome resort, and I’m likely to check it out in the future. But for now, Fernie is the destination of choice!

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    I hope you enjoy Fernie! I recently posted some pics from last season on Powderroom.net, here’s the link if you’re interested… http://www.powderroom.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4786

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Hey charlotte, those photos are pretty sweet! If I get one day like the first shot of Lizard bowl, I’ll be more than happy! So I take you did a season out there last time?Cheers for the photo link! Gav

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