Les Arcs 2012

I’m off to Les Arcs next Saturday for a week of shredding. It’s been a good season in Europe – hopefully that will continue while we’re there…

This will be my first time in this resort so there’s the excitement that comes with travelling to somewhere new. I think the park is gonna be good… What if we get fresh snow – will we score some decent powder turns? How about somewhere decent to get a beer? The list goes on.

I’ve been thinking about the park quite a bit. On the recent trip to Breckenridge, I’d say we were a little unlucky with what was available. Both the half-pipe and the Gold King park on Peak 9 were un-built. The jumps in small park on Peak 9 were too small. As for Park Lane – I just didn’t feel I could hit the kicker line there. I wanted something in-between…

Not too long after we got home, Breck released this video of the Gold King terrain park, built less than two weeks after we left. It’s the type of thing I was after:

I’ve been looking for a video showing what’s on offer in Les Arcs. The following isn’t perfect, but it does give a good idea. It looks like a good place for me to progress:

Of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully it will dump every night and I’ll spend all week riding pow!


  • Reply March 7, 2012


    Hey Gav,

    Lucky you! Another week shredding on the mountain! In a huge resort!

    As you know I’ve been to Les Arcs (Arc1800) in the first week of January during the heavy snowfalls (90cm in a week). It meant that the park was mostly closed and the top half of the resort was shut. I still had a wonderful time discovering pow for the first time.

    There are 3 lines of 3 kickers graded green, red and black…take your pick. I’m really envious about all the park features you’ll be able to jib on! I used to watch the webcam daily in anticipation. http://www.lesarcs.com/snowpark.

    There’ll be some 10cm snow in the next few days but the computer models suggest a large high sitting on Western Europe for next week: warm and dry 🙁 The off-piste in between the pistes will all be tracked out within a day or so of fresh snow. The nice tree runs are in the Peisey-Vallandry area, I didn’t get round to try the off-piste potential there 9get a guide/instructor??). There is a natural half-pipe in the either Ours or Combe piste.

    The patissserie in Charvet, Arc 1800 is amazing.

    10 days ago, I went for 3 days snowboarding in Borovets. My first trip (snowboard or ski actually) with lads of the same level and passion. It was very intense and lots of fun. I was so thrilled to try the new park they just set up there. A combination of closed lifts due to high wind, a competition event on the Saturday and having too much fun in between the trees hors-piste meant that once again I missed out on the park. On the last afternoon, we headed towards the park but soon wandered off to the left of the piste. We soon found untouched discovered deep pow (despite no new snow for 2 weeks). In turn, we egged on each other further and further away from the piste. the powder was untouched for a reason. We soon found that the piste (and the DC park!) was 200m higher than us and we were half-way down the slope of a steep valley! We were soon doing (unintentional) backcountry shredding in amazing scenery (see my facebook album) followed by 90 min of hiking in treacherous deep snow covering the stream and fallen logs. It was getting dark when we finally reached a road! Real adventure that could have turned nasty but it has been an unforgettable and awesome experience. the park will have to wait another trip 😉

    Have a great time in Les Arcs!!!

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    hi gav.

    first time posting there.

    i discover your blog through snomies one , which i follow since a few month.
    he had a nice comment about your’s… and i must say that he was right… 😉

    i just came back from a 5 weeks trip in VARS, a resort more in the south of france.
    if your looking for park, THIS is the place to see in france.
    crew 32 made a passage a few weeks ago , and i had the chance to have a run with sir JP walker.. 😉
    the park is very well done with a HUGE amount of feature.
    but regarding the warm weather that is comming, or already in place, you should not wait too much if your planning to visit the place.
    here is the site of the park of the resort, cic on your left , there is plenty of video to show you the jib line and all the feature done by “dalast” and his shaper crew.


    you should not miss this spot if you’re in the area..

    hoping you have a great time in france and that it will give you the envy to come back on some of the wonderfull places that we can offer.



  • Reply March 10, 2012


    @dewie hey mate, sorry for the late reply. It’s been a crazy week, a crazy run up to this trip. Loads of stuff on at work, and things breaking at home, taking up time. Haven’t really had time to think about snowboarding… It’s been quiet on the blog…

    But, I’m here now, in resort. The excitement has well and truly kicked in, although right now I’m limited to drinking a beer in the pub, waiting for Sunday morning!!

    Glad you had a few good days with the lads; it makes a difference riding with peers, people of a similar ability and mindset.

    I’ll let you know how we get on in Les Arcs this week. Stoked to be riding tomorrow. For connection, all I’ve got is be iPhone and wifi spots in the town…


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    @Julien, hey how’s it going? Glad you commented and have been enjoying the blog!

    I haven’t looked at VARS before, but from what you’re saying, it seems like its worth checking out! Thanks for the head up!

    Les Arcs is going to be the last trip this season, but there’s always next year!! Awesome that you got to take a run with JP! Right now, all I’ve got is my iPhone and so far I’ve only found sketchy wifi in the town. I’ll check out that link when I get back.

    Cheers and take it easy,

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