Today was one of the days this month that I had a slot to go riding… but right now, on Saturday, I’m in work. Boo Hoo. At least it’s lunch time!

Anyhow, I thought I’d take this opportunity to post one of my favourtie videos from YouTube. If like me, you enjoy jibbing around the mountain, then you’ll probably like this video. There’s some cool stuff in there to try and the guys have some pretty sweet style.


You’ve gotta love some of the chumps that leave comments on YouTube!

Also of potential interest, I recently tried the demo for the video game Skate. I guess a lot of readers won’t give two hoots about a video game, but it you ever enjoyed/enjoy the Tony Hawk skate games, you’ve probably heard at least a little about Skate

I was really impressed. They’ve made the controls pretty damn natural – as far as can be achieved with a control pad! If you can, check it out, it’s very good!

It’s kinda bad that the closest I’m getting to snowboarding/skating at the moment is YouTube and a computer game. I need to stop being lame and get out on one board or the other… or both.


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    Nice video, thanks.I too have been playing skate. imagining I was snowboarding. My favorite trick right now is a backside lipslide on the down rail by the photographer guy. I can’t wait for snow.I finally ended up snowboarding in Europe, but it was indoors at SnowWorld in Zoetermeer, NL. Was great to go riding in the summer, wish we had these things near me (Philly).

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Hey Justin, glad you liked the video. Skate’s pretty cool aint it! I’m impressed with the control system. In the one game that I played I was sucking on the rails… maybe I’ll try to get a bs lipslide!Pleased you’ve been riding in Europe, even if it was indoors! They should have them everywhere, especially one closer to Newcastle!

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    Gavin Hope

    Nice one, where are you doing your season? There’s some nice moves in there to try out 🙂

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    I’m off to do a season with the girlfriend this year and she’s a total beginner. That video is excellent and definitely gives me some tricks to master while on those green and blue runs.

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