Fun Jibbing Around on the Piste

Gotta love the vibe of this video. Friends jibbing on the piste: it’s a good mix of style, fun and playing around. They’re Japanese, which is about all I know – can’t read any of the info on YouTube. Check it out:

If you want to check out a bit of park action – some of the guys in this crew have got some pretty sick skills. Take a look at one of their other videos, featuring a bunch of kickers, rails and boxes; they’re still having fun on the hill and with the editing of the video 😉


  • Reply November 7, 2011


    Thanks Gavin! Sweet videos! You know that I’m looking for fun ideas on and just off the piste! Just what I wanted. Interesting to see what happens when frontflips go wrong in soft snow – not too much pain and injury. I really wanna to try that soon but it will nOT be at Tamworth ;)!

  • Reply November 7, 2011


    Ask and you shall receive 😉

    I think if you’re feeling like you can give it a go, find some soft snow and go for it. Put a bit of effort into the flip and you’ll _hopefully_ end up fine 😉 Then it’s just a matter of practice! Never tried a front flip myself, just the barrel…

  • Reply November 8, 2011


    Getting access to a trampoline might a wise first step.
    It is one thing fantasising while watching these vids and it is another thing staring down the slope trying to visualise a new trick!

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