Forgotten DVDs?

I’ve been thinking, there are still quite a few DVDs from the last two seasons that I want to see, but haven’t yet:

If I leave it too long the videos for next year will be coming along and I’ll probably end up buying something else… But before I part with a some cash, maybe some of you can offer opinions? I’d also like to get my hands on Last Winter, and maybe Draw The Line also.

There is of course the chance that some of these will come free with next season’s WhiteLines subscription 🙂


  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Hey cheers Sam.Yeah my favourite film from last season was More – although I only picked up it and Forum’s <>That<>… as well as watching <>Last Winter<> and also the free DVDs bundled with WhiteLines.I’m still undecided about <>That<>, I’m just not sure that I like it… I should write a review some time.I think I might go for Bikecar, for something different, and maybe also Follow Me Around.

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Sam MacCutchan

    I bought three of those four movies last year. Bikecar was fun, but there wasn’t too much actual snowboarding. It was much more about the journey than the destination. The snowboarding that they did show was pretty fun though. If you are looking for guys going huge and sticking sick jumps this might not be the movie for you. It’s still a good buy considering the price.Follow me around was great, exactly what you would expect from MDP.Escramble was ok, to tell you the truth I think I only watched it once or twice. My favourite movie of last season was More, which you’ve already written about extensively 🙂 I also liked the ir77 Book+Movie, even though I haven’t gotten around to really looking at the book yet.

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