Fernie Day 8: Down Time And Internet Down

Taking a day off isn’t something that I like doing, especially if my limbs aren’t especially tired. But that’s what we’re doing today.

You see, the weekends are normally much busier here in Fernie, with a lot of weekend’ers travelling from Calgary and other places nearby. Given the huge amounts of snow that have fallen over the last week and add to that a childrens ski race, the place is choca-block. Check out the lift line for the Elk at 09.00 this morning.

We’ve got one day left on our 6 day passes and two days to use it. Originally we were planning on just taking the morning off. Get an extra bit of rest after being on the cat, sort some stuff out and then head up on the hill this afternoon. Get a half day pass and then use the last day on the other pass tomorrow. But a half day pass is $61 compared to the $75 for a full day. That’s crap!

Looking out the window at 11:30 and the queue hasn’t really gone down. We’re gonna take the full day off.

The Internet connection in our room has been down for the last few days and those in charge here haven’t been moving too fast to get it fixed. That’s why there haven’t been any posts recently. It’s supposed to be sorted today. I’m using this down time to sort the little bit of footage taken yesterday and get the posts I’ve written up there on the web. So there should be a bunch of posts from the last few days all appearing around the same time. We can use the wireless in the reception area of the Griz Inn, which is where I am now…

Actually, just before I headed over here I started to re-adjust my bindings – set the stance back to twin after the cat action yesterday. As it happens, I noticed that I cracked one of my baseplates and it’s pretty much done in. It’s kinda lucky that we’re having the day off as I can head down into town and hopefully get a replacement :), but maybe have to get a new set 🙁

As I think about it, perhaps I will benefit from taking a day off (either that or I’m just convincing myself). Looking through the photos on my camera I stumbled across a few that were taken last night, after I fell asleep in the lounge. I must have been tired; I didn’t wake up once during their game of what the f**k a-roo. I can hardly believe it…


  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Glad you’re enjoying the pics and the updates. Tiredness is setting in quick sometimes! No injuries is always a bonus… The lifts out here are pretty good. There’s one T-bar, the Haul-Back, and one button, the Face Lift. The Face Lift is never open because it unlocks the terrain just under the headwall in Lizard Bowl and Cedar Bowl.There’s so much snow loaded up there at the moment that they can’t open it…The rest of the lifts are chairs (I think). Some are a bit older and are slow-ish, but it’s not that bad 🙂

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    Reading your blog Gav, it sounds as if you are all having a fab time. The pics are great, mind you weren’t looking your best in the last ones!! Glad there is no mention of injuries. You haven’t said much about the lifts, what are they like?

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