Colorado Here I Come!

[How did that happen? This was posted by me…]

OK, don’t get too excited for me. I’m not going to be shredding. I am excited though.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the USA for a work trip; starting in Rochester, Minnesota, with the Mayo Clinic, then visiting a lab in Nebraska, and finally Denver. At the end, I’ll have one or two days for myself to check out Colorado. Awesome.

Shame it wasn’t two or three months later – then I could have taken my snowboard.

I will however get a chance to see the mountains, see the scenery, maybe even check out a resort. I’ve also scoped a skate park in Rochester, so I’ve packed my deck. Not sure if I’ll get time, but it’s in there anyway…


  • Reply April 13, 2010


    Darn, too bad there’s no snow there yet, that would have been EPIC!

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    aalion |

    have fun m8 !

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Gavin Hope

    Cheers aalion.

    Yeah Allie, it would have been sick! I’m in Denver now, heading up to the mountains today to look around. I’m still expecting it to be awesome, but not quite as good as being able to snowboard at the same time 🙂

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