Burton’s Movie: For Right Or Wrong

I think I’m a little behind on this one… I only just downloaded and watched Burton’s For Right Or Wrong last night.

As this was the first time I’ve given the movie any thought, my initial impression was that Burton had produced the film to be a free give-away. However I have seen at least one place that is selling it, so I’m not totally sure what the angle was here.

I actually got a nudge to check this out from the Pimpsnow site, which has this extract of Nicolas Muller from the movie:


I’ve gotta say that after seeing this clip I was pretty excited, so I set the download going…

I really enjoyed it. Of course it is all-burton, it’s definitely documentary-style and there is a lot time given to the competitive aspects of snowboarding, which might not appeal to all. But that was OK to me.

Burton attempted to show some of the different view points on snowboarding with the theme being: when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter which one you like, it’s about snowboarding being fun to you. I think it’s gonna work for some people and not for others. I just like to see snowboarding. I like to see what other people do with snowboarding and how they go about it. So for me the whole thing was interesting. It made me think about those elements of snowboarding that I like best and how I enjoy them. I’ll watch it again.

No doubt the bits where people are actually riding are the most fun, and you do get to see some great riding from Nicolas Muller, and Mads Jonsson’s action on that hip is awesome.

I’ve had a look around at some other views on the film, which are mixed… download it and make your own mind up.


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    I went to the premiere of this film at the X-Dance film festival in Park City, UT last Friday night. Burton has handed out 150,000 copies so far for free, and there are no for sale copies yet, so Backcountry.com must be ripping people off (By the way, Mack Dawg films only sells around 40,000 copies, so this is the most distributed snowboard movie ever from what they said). The square CD jacket pictured there is the same one I have. After the premiere, Jeremy Jones, Keir Dillon, and a bunch of the film makers took questions from the audience. One of the filmmakers stated that they plan to sell this next year, and add some new content as well as extras. Right now the DVD version just plays the same thing you can download. Jeremy Jones said he is still doing Mack Dawg films this season; I was a little confused that he might be retiring from what I saw in the movie. Thats all I can think of for now. Great blog!


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    Gavin Hope

    Hey thanks. Yeah the backcountry.com thing is a little weird – I guess for now just about everyone will download it if they want to see it…

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