Burton Mission Bindings: Review

The Mission bindings have been in Burton’s range for a long time… a good quality, all-round binding that can go everywhere, tried and tested? Here’s the review.

Reviewer’s Setup

  • Board: Lib Tech T.Rice
  • Bindings: Burton Mission
  • Boots: 32 Lashed
  • Forward lean: none
  • Hi-back rotation: none

Review Terrain. Two weeks of riding with these bindings:

  • Most: park riding, jibbing and jumps
  • Also: groomers, riding fast and cruising
  • None: powder

Binding features

The Burton Capstrap continues to be a great feature of Burton bindings. Comfort and control, helps prevent unwanted pressure when securing your boot in tight.

Baseplate cover. It’s a simple way of achieving base plate cover, whilst adding some additional padding. You’ve got to hold it up and out of the way to do the baseplate screws, but that’s worth it because there’s no need to slide it in and out, like you have to with some other bindings.

Easy to adjust strap screws: they are handy at first when you’re experimenting with the right setup for your bindings – get the straps the right length.


Straps and comfort.There are good straps on the Missions – you can get a firm hold for your boot without messing up the comfort factor. The buckles on heel strap are great; no big problems with the toe strap, but the buckles don’t always bight first time.

Flex and freestyle. They’re not the softest binding out there, but they’re well suited to the park and freestyle. I’ve found them to be good for all manner of rail and box tricks. Hi-backs aren’t too high or anything like that, and the asymmetric shape works well. It feels natural.

Turns. When making the transition to the piste/groomers – these are a mid flexing binding. They’ve given me good performance when laying down carves and moving fast. Sure, there are more responsive bindings out there, but that’s not what these are designed for. In this area, they work well as an all-round binding.


I’ll ride these bindings everywhere. So far they’ve delivered exactly what I wanted – and I haven’t noticed them lacking anything. My aim is an all-round binding that can be used for freestyle. The Missions deliver. This is my second set of Mission bindings – didn’t have any problems with the first bindings, I don’t see any problems with these in the future…

Afterbang opinion: recommended!

Where to buy the Burton Mission Bindings

The Burton Mission bindings are quite popular, so pretty easy to get a hold of. Here are two recommendations for the Burton Missions:

Dogfunk.com for snowboarders in the USA. Such a big selection of gear and good customer service.

Blue Tomato for snowboarders in Europe and the UK. They’ve got free shipping to the UK, plus you get a free gift too!


  • Reply December 9, 2011

    Ian O

    How was the fitting to the Lib tec Gavin? I thought the burton bindings were now aimed at fitting to the Burton rail binding system on the burton boards?.. I was looking at the missions but was put off when it said “Burton rail” in the fitting description (i believe it was on dogfunk) and it didn’t mention normal screw fittings.. to be honest i didn’t look too much it to it when scanning the vast options of other bindings…

  • Reply December 9, 2011


    Hey Ian,

    they work just like other bindings. You get a regular disk that will fit 4-hole boards, 3-hole Burton boards, and you get the fittings for the Burton Channel too.

    If you get the EST version (note on somewhere like dogfunk they have both the Burton Mission Binding and the Burton Mission EST Binding), it’s designed specifically for Burton boards:

    “EST design removes the rigid binding tray from under your foot, allowing your board to flex more naturally (compatible with Burton Channel boards only)”

    Hope that helps 😉

  • Reply December 9, 2011

    Ian O

    ahh got you, thanks mate.. think i may have just seen the EST version specifically for the B’ Channel system..
    Thanks for the info’.

  • Reply December 10, 2011


    No worries!

  • Reply January 31, 2012


    Hi, i just bought a pair of Mission EST bindings to go with a new flying V board. Day 2 and the toe ramp has dropped off the binding – could have been anywhere, coming off a lift, or even walking to piste – two flimsy plastic lugs holding in place – anyone else have this problem?

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