Blog: From Behind The World Snowboard Guide

I’ve been a reader of the wsg for a good few years now, and more recently, I’ve written a few reviews of my own, covering some UK slopes. In doing so, I’ve been dealing with Steve Dowle, the wsg’s head guy. Apart from coordinating effort for each review, it’s been good keeping in touch with someone who’s created something like the World Snowboard Guide. Organising, writing and maintaining such a comprehensive guide must be a lot of work. It’s impressive.

I’m interested in how things work in the snowboard industry. What’s it like to set up a snowboard shop? What’s it like to run a chalet? How about producing a guide book? Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to chat about some of these things with Steve in the future. But in the meantime, he’s just started a blog: From Behind The WorldSnowboardGuide.

To quote Steve, this is what the blog’s about:

I really want to talk about what it is like to develop and run a website like the worldsnowboardguide, to independently produce and publish books, and still have to do normal work for a living.

I’ll enjoy reading it…

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