Bikecar Snowboard Movie

It’s not new, it’s not for this season, but I really want to watch the Bikecar movie. Travis Parker is probably my favourite snowboarder – I really like his approach to being a pro snowboarder 🙂

Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Scotty Wittlake approached travel differently this past winter. Putting snowmobiles and 4×4’s to shame, the crew traveled across the Northwest through Idaho, Washington and Oregon in a bikecar. “A bikecar?”

One may ask. Yes, a four person pedal powered vehicle was the vessel of adventure this season. Pulling a trailer with snowboards and gear, the crew pedalled in search of snow. Documenting all the trials and tribulations of this trip was filmmaker Joey Fountain, formerly of Robot Food.

Bikecar is a one of a kind documentary, which brings a new perspective to travel, adventure and snowboarding.


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    Sam MacCutchan

    I bought Bikecar when it came out. I think I only watched it once. But it was a pretty fun movie. There is some decent snowboarding in it, but it is mostly about their journey in the bikecar.

    Still definitely worth watching.

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    Hey Gavin,
    You can already walk without Support?? Great thing! 😀
    Your Recovery seems to be faster than you thought!?
    What job do you have by the way?

    Greetings Reneator

    P.S Will post a video or picture of my balance Rail in the next weeks (not home atm)

  • Reply October 26, 2010


    @sam, yeah I figured it was mostly about the journey, and like you, I will probably only watch it once. I just wanna see it 🙂 Cheers

    @Reneator, no, I’m not walking without support yet (wish I was). One of the exercises that I do is a basic weight transfer from the left (good) leg to the right (bad) leg. Using a table/bench as support (via hands), I’m lifting the left leg up, so I’m standing on the bad leg only… I’m then progressively removing the support from my hands. So, I slowly took all of the support away, standing purely on the bad leg – but no movement.

    It’s not strong enough to stand their and balance comfortably – I’m not standing straight. But it’s getting stronger every few days 🙂

    Job = software engineer.

    Looking forward to the pics/video,
    cheers, Gavin

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    hey gavin did one leg end up being shorter then the other? i heard bout bike car a few months ago and downloaded it on torrents… took ages cos there is hardly any seeds but it is a very cool movie. think its from the 0607 season when travis decided to do the whole season switch. i also have only watched it once but there is some super fun snowboarding in it and the whole journey and concept of is just amazing.

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    Hey Zak – not sure about the leg. The last appointment with the surgeon, he said the broken leg could heal 1 – 2cm shorter than the other. I guess at the moment I don’t have an accurate way of measuring it 🙂 I suppose that once I’m walking normally again, the physio or whatever will be able to help me assess if it is shorter… who knows?

    As it happens I’m getting another x-ray this afternoon, I’ll hopefully get some ‘predictions’ from the doc.

    Travis Parker is funny 😉

  • Reply October 26, 2010


    Yay X-Ray update! 😀

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