Bazoom! Good Snowboard Hire In Tignes

Personally I have never hired a snowboard – but whenever I’ve been away in a group, at least one person has hired. I don’t know about your experiences, but from my point of view the norm tends to be pretty poor boards with not much attention given to a more personal setup… But maybe when you’re a complete beginner it doesn’t matter that much?

Anyway, I was suprised to see a snowboard shop in Tignes that had a good selection of boards to hire. As well as hiring boards, the shop, Bazoom, also had some nice gear inside. Well worth a look.

I made a quick list of some of the boards they had outside (sorry, I didn’t note the prices – which were specific to the board):

  • Burton T6
  • Burton Custom
  • Burton Jeremy
  • Burton Dominant
  • Burton Feelgood
  • Rome Agent
  • Rome Anthem
  • Rome Flag
  • Nitro Darkhorse

I was well impressed. Also to note, my friend Ross hired a board from Bazoom and they set him up with a sick little Sapient stick and Burton P1 HD bindings… loads better than the offerings from Super Sport 2000 (or whatever it’s called) just around the corner…

[Bazoom is in Val Claret]

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  • Reply April 13, 2010


    I really liked the board it was much better than the one I hired in Austria. As soon as I went into Bazoom the girl was really helpful and produced the Sapient which had been serviced nicely and seemed to make a huge difference… even to me! an ex beginner.

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