Aerial7 Phoenix Headphones – Perfect For Snowboarding!

I’m looking for new headphones this season. Mostly I want them for riding on the hill as I’ve got a great set of ‘phones for urban use. But it doesn’t hurt if they sound great when I’m not on the mountain…

Aerial7 Phoenix headphones – a good option?

First up, I’ve heard from a reliable source that Aerial7 make good quality headphones, “they’re legit… better than Skullcandy…” It’s never as good as your own opinion, but the low-down from someone you trust goes a long way.

Over the ear – good for snowboarding. My current on-hill audio setup is to use earbuds with either a beanie or helmet. If I’m wearing a helmet, the best approach seems to be integrated audio. But for a beanie, I like the idea of “over the ear”. Smaller and lighter than “cans”, easy to drop around your neck, and goggles will keep them snug in place… That’s the theory.

Good colours and style. There’s no doubt that these headphones look sick! Good padded band, nice swivel and an awesome choice of colours. I like.

Extra benefits. They’ve got a reinforced frame, which should be handy for use while snowboarding. It’s not gonna be bullet proof, but every little helps.

Some decent connections also. In-line microphone for use with mobiles and media players. A Skype adaptor for use on a computer. A 6.3mm adaptor for plugging into amps and the like.

Again, it’s not replacement for your owning testing of audio gear, but the reviews of other snowboarders online are favourable. Good quality music, apparently. They’re definitely high on my headphone-list – maybe even at the top.

Get hooked up!

If you’re looking to get hold of the Phoenix headphones from Aerial7, take a look at the two shops below. Dogfunk is based in the USA, whilst Blue-Tomato will serve up to those in the UK and mainland Europe. Go check them out.


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