Absinthe Films: Optimistic

Simon sent me a link to the trailer for Absinthe’s next snowboarding film: Optimistic. But it’s not the first time that I’ve been pointed towards it, and seems as though it looks pretty damn good, I figured it’s about time I mention it here…

You can check out the trailer and the blurb on Absinthe’s site, which is currently undergoing some work; but, as you might expect you can also watch it on YouTube, so I’ll happily embed it below.

The trailer does look great – I’ll certainly be getting hold of a copy as soon as it’s available. I’ve been really impressed with Absinthe’s films over the last two seasons: Futureproof and More. I know that many people feel that Vivid and Pop were great/better – but not me. I became attracted to Absinthe’s style more recently.

Here’s the trailer…

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  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Super U

    You can now watch this film for free legally! – SuperU.ca has licensed Optimistic? as well as the making of series Flipside.

    To check out the film simply go here:


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