3rd Session – Real Snow, The WSG And Pain!

My third session of the summer was on real snow. Five of us headed to the chill factor[e] in Manchester last Saturday; it’s the first time that I’ve been.

Real snow made a nice change from snowflex. The setup was good – especially the kicker. Much impressed. I’m not going to say to much about the slope and the facilities though because I’m putting all of that in a review for the wsg, which you should check out, if you haven’t already. More on that later – when I’ve finished writing the review.

I should mention that I’m pretty pleased to be putting some reviews together for a guide that I’ve used since I first got into snowboarding – even if they’re only uk slopes and not fully fledged resorts. Sick! Hopefully I’ll do some more this summer.

So what about the shredding? Well, as I mentioned they had a pretty sweet kicker, nicely shaped and solid. I spent the majority of time spinning backside: 1s and 3s. They’re far from being on lockdown, but the backside 3 is definitely getting more comfortable. I stomped at least two during the session, fairly smooth too.

We took a decent amount of video – for the time we had available anyway – and some photos of the slope too. I’m gonna sort that stuff out after I’ve finished the review…

And finally onto the pain. I mentioned before that I took a pretty hard slam last time I was at Halifax. Well, I (stupidly) managed to catch two heel edges on Saturday night sending me straight onto my back. How I managed that I don’t know, but it happened. By time I got home the bottom of my back had the strangest swelling, not good!

The bruising is out now and centred around the spine, and seems as though the pain isn’t going away, I headed to a sports injury clinic today. It’s 35 notes for an half hour session, but it’s worth it. The physio was painful, and the guy reckons I should have it x-rayed just to be on the safe side; I’ll probably head back at the end of the week or the beginning of next for a second session.

It’s annoying. I hope it gets sorted soon as there are plenty of things on that trick list that I wanna cross off…


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    He gave you physio before you’ve even had an x-ray?! Man, that’s insanity. He could’ve made matters worse! The NHS is free, you know. Really don’t know why you didn’t pop in on your GP or your local A&E…

  • Reply April 13, 2010

    Simon Plenderleith

    Ouch, that sounds pretty painful! Glad to hear the x-ray came up ok. Last year I landed on my tail bone really hard on our local dry ski slope and that was bad enough – took a good month to get back to normal. Back in December I managed to inflict some impressive ligament damage to my right foot, and then sprained it again a few months ago. Physio has really helped though and it’s <>almost<> back to normal. It really sucks when you come back battered from a session on the slope – hopefully as my skill progresses I’ll be less injury prone!Looking forward to seeing the new videos and pics!

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    Gavin Hope

    Well… he’s the expert. He did an examination before physio btw, so he’d already come to the conclusion that any breaks were very unlikely – the x-ray was purely for caution.Incidently, the doctor at the hospital this morning was poking around with attitude before the x-ray also. Given my range of movement, it’s unlikely that anything is broken.As it happens, the doctor thought it was worth x-raying my pelvis, just in case it was chipped or had a small crack.The x-ray showed that all was fine though – I’ve just taken some hard knocks.The reason I went to the sports injury clinic was because I had to wait a week for the first appointment at the doctors/nhs physio. It didn’t seem like a bone issue to me, so a physio was my best idea. Sos 🙂

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