100 Best Snowboarding Wallpapers From Past 6 Years

I'm confident this is the best collection of snowboarding wallpapers you'll likely see all on one webpage. One hundred wallpapers handpicked by me ready for you to download and use. I've collected these wallpapers over the course of 6 years and thought it was high time I shared them with everyone, what with the season just around the corner. The collection includes many awe inspiring snowboard photographs of pro boarders performing crazy death defying jumps but also include some really cool artistic shots as well as some street boarding.

The wallpapers are sourced from a variety of my personal favourite snowboarding websites including Transworld Snowboarding, Onboard Snowboarding, Snowboarder Mag and Whitelines. I'm sure you'll find a wallpaper you'll love here. If you don't, i'll hang up my snowboard and call it a day. Having reviewed each wallpaper, it got me really excited about this winter and I hope it sparks the same excitement for you. Enjoy!

Update: Someone on Reddit kindly created an archive and added a zip file of all these 100 wallpapers on Dropbox for all those who want to use all of these wallpapers. Click here if you want this.

Okay so technically this isn't a snowboarding picture, but it's a lovely view!

This is one of all all time favourite snowboarding pictures which can work as a wallpaper

Finally, you can't go wrong combining Star Wars and snowboarding, you just can't.

Click here if you want all of these 100 wallpapers - I cycle them every 10 minutes.

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I really hope you enjoyed these wallpapers and found one you'll be using on your computer this season. If you've any snowboarding wallpapers you want us to showcase here on this blog then please email me - my contact details are above. Happy shredding. 


  1. awesome wallpapers!!!
    but the download link is dead... please reupload