Snowboarding Monitoring System - By Nokia and Burton

Nokia and Burton are developing a monitoring system for snowboarders capable of providing insights into what's happening both physically and mentally to snowboarders - making visible what until now has been invisible.

The idea is to connect a series of sensors (heart rate, pressure on the board and orientation) to a Arduino processor, which then sends via Bluetooth, the acquired data to a Nokia N8, which records the entire performance (including the phone´s GPS path). All this through a free application that can be downloaded from the Push Snowboarding website. The Push Kit should be available soon. Watch the video below.

They are still refining the technology but here at snowboarding days, we look forward to seeing more of this technology in the future. Keep you posted!


  1. This is amazing! Over the next ten years, I would bet we'll be seeing kids competing against each other at the park, comparing speed, hang time, and who knows what else.

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