Snowboarding Toilet Game

Here's a cool idea here for men's toilets by incorporating snowboarding games into urinals giving men something to 'aim' at! This of course means there's less mess for the cleaners to deal with whilst promoting the sport of snowboarding. Hurray, everyones a winner!

The urinals are equipped with a video screen and 'aiming' left and right steers a snowboarder down a slope. More expert marksmen can also answer quiz questions!

The system took 4 years to develop and works by a clip-on LED screen at the top of the urinal, and a motion sensor aimed down into the 'business' area of the urinal. Because it doesn't use liquid sensors or cameras, the makers hope that disagreeable cleaning tasks will be kept to a minimum.

What effect this will have on the hygiene of the facilities remains to be seen - although makers Captive Media are confident that it will persuade men to aim broadly in the 'right' direction.

Above the urinal is a 12-inch LED screen, which displays the game - with a quick advert first, as hard-up pub owners aren't going to install the things for fun. There are 3 games to play, though, including a version of the classic brick-smashing arcade game Breakout, and a quiz.

The quiz is called 'Clever Dick'! Genius! There's even a high-score table, although one imagines that you'd have to hold in for some time in order to still have 'ammunition' so to speak, to enter one's name in the Hall of Fame.

Naturally, the devices are equipped for life in a hostile environment - they are waterproof, shockproof and have toughened glass.

So far, the devices have been trialled in one pub in UK, Cambridge - but drinkers throughout Britain should get a chance to try their skills soon!

For more info, visit Captive Media


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