1 Year Old Girl Snowboarder

Ava Marie hasn’t even had her 2nd birthday yet, but she can snowboard better than many adults! Check out the amazing video….



  • Reply May 28, 2010


    That is pretty cool! Imagine, one-year-old baby can snowboard… I’m sure she will be a great snowboarder in the future.

  • Reply June 21, 2010


    It’s really amazing!

  • Reply June 23, 2010


    So Cool!!!

    This year Im going to teach my 3 years old daughter, but here in Chile is very difficul to find small snowboards 😛

    Lets Try it out! XD

  • Reply July 9, 2010

    Snowboarding Forums

    Cute!…. Super cute!…

    This will be my kid(s) when I have them… eventually

  • Reply August 9, 2010


    Dang that is soooo awesome. I wish I would have started boarding back then!!!

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